Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Finds

I didn't have quite so successful of a thrifter's weekend this past week. I did pick myself up a couple of things and some goodies to put up for sale. Hope you all had a better week than me. :)

Perfect for your bobbypins! Will be listing later this week on my etsy.
From 1954! Year round gardening from Better Homes and Gardens! Will be listed on my etsy later this week!
Jello molds! I am keeping these babies! I have seen far too many recipes in my old rags to not try them out!
More sewing goodies! I am keeping these! I hate to have to use them especially if they are on original cards, but I can't have non-usable vintage in my home!

You can find my etsy at: Heidi's Regency

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