Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chris Isaak - Beyond the Sun

Amy, Chris, and Me
If you know me you know I have a hard on for Chris Isaak! His new album drops October 18th, 2011. I've already heard it and it's pretty damn sweet. Highlights for me are Dixie Fried, Miss Pearl, Great Balls of Fire, and Can't Help Falling in Love. I urge you to grab this album when it is released. His voice is tender and oh so smooth...

Here is a video sampling I made to promote the album. The pics and videos were taken in Stateline, NV a couple of weeks ago when we saw him in concert. Enjoy!

Outfit notes:
40's gabardine western shirt
40's brown slacks
30's western cowboy boots
giant rubber scorpion pinned to my hair.

In case you were curious, Amy and I had a Cowboys and Indians theme...


  1. He is so handsoe.I have seen him twice and both times met him for his autograph.He puts on such a great show and i love how he goes out to his fans and interacts with them.Not to mention sitting at the merch table afterwards to thank and talk to his fans.He has such gorgeous blue eyes.x

  2. He is ridiculously handsome! Beautiful!