Thursday, October 27, 2011

The story of Heidi's Regency
Many years ago I met a fabulous woman who loved Vintage, Western, New Orleans, and most of all Kitties. She was a directly honest woman who never candy coated her ways and always played fair. She was a great supporter of community and artists and just loved life. While being a full time accountant in her own business, she still found the gusto to open up her own Vintage Shop in Phoenix, AZ. That woman was Heidi Owens and her Vintage Shop was Hollywood Regency.

Heidi was loved by many and loved many in return. Her store too was an amazing treasure in the wonderful shopping district of Melrose and the 7th Ave curve. Her business became such a treasure and success, she had to expand into a bigger space, not too far from the original location.

Sadly, it was at this time that the cancer that Heidi had survived years before, returned and in the end took her life. She was a fighter up until the end. She never wanted to be treated as someone who was sick and refused to let the cancer become who she was.

Unfortunately after her passing, Hollywood Regency was sold and renamed and after that I lost track of what became of the store.

I had a hard time deciding if I should name my Vintage selling "store" after her or not. As much as I wanted to pay tribute to her in my own little way, I felt that it may be looked down upon because my little nothing of a store couldn't compare to the grand woman that touched so many people. I finally said screw it and named my store Heidi's Regency. She is the one who inspired me to embrace the "sickness" that is buying and selling vintage plus, I wanted to do my part in keeping the original Hollywood Regency alive -- even though I am now 2000 miles away from it's origin. Although I would love to have a store front, I doubt I have the business savvy to do that -- so for now, it's an online store.

So those of you who are wondering who Heidi is... She is a woman that taught me, trusted me, pushed me, promoted me, and most of all believed in me!

Heidi Owens... You are still missed very much! Love you! XOXOXOXO


  1. Of course its the right name damn it! You made me damn you too! Heidi = inspiration! You have the eye, talent and drive to do this and I'm very excited for you! Heidi I love you! Lolita I love you!
    GO FORTH and enjoy as you make money! xo CC

  2. Beautiful story! And the perfect way to name your shop. It has to be inspired and come from the heart. When I took my inspiration and name from my Great-Grandmother everything else fell in to place. Best wishes in this endeavor!

  3. What a cool woman, and what an excellent tribute!

  4. Thank you everyone! It means a lot that you take so kindly to the tribute. :) This post was to be twice as long, but I couldn't stop crying so I had to cut it short. :(

  5. So sad!She sounds like a lovely woman.

  6. I think it is the perfect tribute and I'm sure she is smiling down on you.

  7. What a lovely tribute.Not many people with hearts like that who are genuinly kind/big hearted.I think she is looking over you very happy and proud.xx

  8. I loved Hollywood Regency, it was such a cool place and there was nowhere like it in Phoenix. That was very nice of you to name your shop after her, I'm sure she would be very happy and proud of you!
    Superstition Vintage