Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Green Thumb

Normally when I think of my green thumb, it's green with envy seeing all the wonderful home grown delights that others produce. Victory Gardens and flower beds grown to full glory with such ease that you think it was like putting on your panties every morning. But let's face it, while I can keep animals alive far beyond their time on Earth, I cannot grow a damn thing! Seriously, I've killed cactus. When I am able to get something to grow, it buds maybe once before it goes to sleep forever. It could be many things, not enough water, too much water, small planters, wrong time of season -- whatever the reason, vegetation doesn't last very long at the hands of Lolita!

This summer I wanted to grow things. Anythings. I am always a sucker for the $1 bin at Target and there they have little seed kits. I picked up a few. I can't remember what flowers they were -- as I am pretty sure they all died off. I also picked up a pepper kit. While I don't like peppers, Perry does, so I got terribly excited over the thought of growing him peppers to eat. While that isn't exactly a Victory Garden, I am on my way!

The plant grew for many months, but never sprouted a pepper, just leaves. Then one day I noticed something different. There it was, about the size of a pea, my first pepper!!! I was so excited I called happily for Perry to come take a look. Ok, maybe yelled is a better word than call -- I am sad that I didn't take a picture of the little pea pepper when I first saw it. Even though I told myself to take a picture.

Here we are a few weeks (maybe a month) later and it was time to bring the plants in the house. I see my pepper is still growing! About the size of a dime now. This time I took some pictures. Here is my pepper! Even if this little guy dies tomorrow, I will be happy to know that he made it this far -- which is a victory for me on my own!!

I really hope that it continues to grow and ripen into a big yummy pepper and has little pepper babies of his own. So Perry can sauté them up in a pan and gobble them up!

Tell me about your food growing experiences! Also which of the categories do you fit under? "Green thumb all the way", "I'm great with animals, but kill plants", "I am awesome with both", or "Meh, they're both goners in my hands".


  1. That's fabulous, it's so exciting when you see something grow (and even better when you know you will eat it:)

    I love planting & tending fruit & veg. So, yeah I'm a bit of a green thumb, but also a lazy gardener. The plants that self seed (or are annuals) are the best. It's spring here & I've got zucchinis, tomatoes, rhubarb, asparagus & lots of herbs growing nicely.

  2. I think I am a whole new category you didn't think of. I am I can grow things and keep animals if I have the time to do it but don't have enough time to keep much alive beyond my own children. I did grow peppers, peas, beans, tomatoes and zuchinni but many of my produce rotted on the vine for lack of attendance at harvest time. I am happy to say the cat is thriving and the gold fish well they are alive although they did get a bit sickly a month ago but we managed to save them. Oh and the two kids are alive and well too.

  3. I'm great with animals, but have never really tried to grow anything, so I can't comment either way about that:)

  4. Congrats on the pepper. I haven't been very good with plants and last year was the first year I got anything edible from my garden, just a couple tomatoes and a peppers. This year was much better with cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, and collard greens (though the peppers were not as good, and the brussel sprouts were a waste). I am hoping for an even better turn out next year as I learn more and more on what I am doing wrong each year LOL

  5. Lila Leeds... Oh my! I am obsessed with checking the pepper everyday! I'm just so happy it's growing! As for your garden... WOW! It's entering autumn here so I doubt anything will be growing anytime soon. Unless I grow it indoors.

    Living Vintage... Hahaha yes, having the kids alive is a good thing! :) I am just impressed that you can grow all that. Even if you end up forgetting to pick them.

    Betty2Tone... Yeah... I just can't get plants to grow. Sometimes it is frustrating, but then I am distracted by animal cuteness!

    Brandy... Thank you! I am so excited! I've been checking on it everyday! Holy cow! All that makes me jealous that you can grow those goods (even if a few are bum)! I think I may try to do more victory style gardens... problem is I don't have a yard. Wondering if I could fake it in planters???