Sunday, October 9, 2011

That vintage feeling...

I know it's been a long time since my last post... Sorry about that. I just wanted to share with you 2 of my latest finds.

Firstly this rayon cord purse. I just thought it was a cute purse to have. It's on the smaller side so it's perfect for that casual night out.

Secondly... I got these today. This is where that vintage feeling comes in. I am sure you all have experienced it yourself. That thrill you get when you spot something competly wonderful.

My eyes nailed these shoes and instantly I lost my poker face. I started to shake as I sat down on a bed that wasn't properly sturdy and nearlt fell through. It would have been worth it! I couldn't get my shoes off fast enough as I kept repeating over and over, "Please fit. Please fit." I could feel myself getting ready to cry because I thought for sure they'd be too small. They fit like a dream!! These babies were mine!!!! So I looked for the sign for how much shoes were... you ready for this? $1.00. I got these vintage spectators in my size for a dollar!!! This has to be my best purchase yet! Even better than my $40 full length seal coat!

I can't wait to wear these pretty ladies out!

So what is your latest find that gives you that vintage feeling?


  1. you are so lucky, they are amazing xx

  2. cute purse and sooooo jealous of the shoes!

  3. That's an amazing bargain. I think that would qualify as one of the bargains of one's life. Good work.

  4. Thanks Ladies... I was floored when my eyes spotted them!

  5. That purse is so cute.Love those shoes.They are amazing.You must post photos wearing the when you wear them out.x

  6. Hahaha I am going to be strutting in those babies for sure!!!