Friday, October 22, 2010

Vintage Hair with Lolita Haze episode 1 Technique Brushing

I finally got around to doing a video tutorial. More like a techniques video versus a tutorial. It isn't the greatest. But it is my first, so to quote the sexy Carey Mahoney, "Please, be gentle." It is a long one, but mostly because I start rambling while I am doing my thang. Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or want to see more. Thanks.


  1. This is a great video! I remember when I first started doing vintage hair sets and how freaked I'd get when I'd brush it out into this frizzy afro. Its really scary at first! I actually just bought a square paddle brush and have discovered how great it is at brushing out the sets.

    Keep these videos coming!!

  2. Thanks so much for that! I've tried to do my hair before but always freak out at the "poofy hair" stage. I need to buy new brushes!

    And yes, more tutorials please!

  3. Great video! I may have to try using perm rods sometime. They look a lot faster than pincurling haha. Do you know what size those are?

    The Hem M A Blog

  4. The best part of this video was getting to see your cuteness in action! I love your fun playful attitude towards all things vintage! You make it seem possible for the average gal be fabulous!

  5. Wonderful first attempt, will look forward to seeing more videos! If you can get the noise problem sorted then it would be super.

    Feeling inspired to try the '40s hair again, been stuck with clown hair or '70s disco hair quite a few times!!

    Miss P xx

  6. He he he you are too cute! I loved the little parental guidance warning you did there at the beginning about your possible cursing :-D I think all women have had a morning when they have sworn at their hair, myself included! I loooveee your hair. I just changed mine from platinum to red and seeing your has made me feel sad that I am no longer a blonde. Keep up the videos, would love to see some more xx

  7. aren't you just the darlin'est thing. Great tutorial... I too have trouble brushing out, so i think this will help a lot

  8. Fantastic! I'm going to try brushing under tomorrow. It looks like that helps it come together much faster.

  9. I loved it! Your tutorials (video or blog) are always fantastic. I so hope that you do more!

  10. I totally loved this. You're such a fun person, your video shows a lot more of who you are in comparison to your blog (blog - which i love by the way). can't wait to see more! Ruby x

  11. Loved IT! yu have the same exact hair texture as me! The first time i did pincurls 5 years ago (well first my hair is curly to begin with.)but it was a big frizz ball but i rember that keep on brushing. Then it relaxed and it looked great! Just like yours! loved your vid! flawless. your funny too! :D miss amethyst

  12. Gingey Ginge... Thank ya!

    T Broad... That is exactly why I did this video. I see so many girls freak and think they failed because of the fro... I just want them to know they need to keep on going!!! :-D

    Lila... I bet the under brush will help dramatically. Let me know how it works out for you.

    Nancy... Thank you. They are faster to put in your hair, however for a lot of ladies they are harder to deal with. I think the ones I use are the 1/2 inch ones. They are purple and you can get them from Sally's. I also like to use the peach ones which are 3/4 inch I believe.

    Miss Jeffries... Hey thanks! I am just like all the other girls who enjoy vintage and vintage hair. I had my trials and tribulations. My bad hair days and my good. My secret to good hair is to know what your hair can do and work with it. For example if I did a tutorial on victory rolls, I would leave out a necessary part for most girls... and that is the back combing. My hair is thick enough and the right texture to where it doesn't need that extra step. But most girls with normal healthy hair will need it. So learning what your hair can and can't do is the major key. :-D

    Miss P... If I can find the proper lights, the sound won't be a problem for the next video. Do try again. It is amazing what a correct brushing can accomplish when it comes to 40's hair!

    Miss Matilda... xoxoxoxox

    BtL... Hahaha yes... the cursing followed by the crying and then followed by the refusal to go out. Yeah... we've all been there. Same thing happened to me years ago when I went brunette. Gwen Stefani released L.A.M.B and had this gorgeous main of blonde that I was pouting at. No matter what color I am, I will always go back to blonde.

    Weenie... Aww thanks. I am just a big ol' dork. I wish I was as charming as I play on the internet. Hehehe. Let me know how it works for you. If I remember correctly, you have really curly hair. I am curious how it will work for you.

    Fleur... Thank you kindly! You are an inspiration when it comes to these videos!

    Teru... I am so glad it worked for you. Your hair looked lovely!

    Syd... Gracias!

    Siren Sexy... Thank you very much. I want to do more, but I am not sure what I want to do... or what I should do. Most hair tutorials have been covered.

    Ruby... Thank you. I wish I could be more sophisticated like Dita Von Teese on film, but truth is I am a giant dork. I am glad you like my moxie however!

    Miss Amethyst... Thank you Doll! Yay! Someone that can relate to my hair. I see too many girls freak out at the frizz part... I am glad that this will help them continue to brush and have their hair relax. I am glad you liked the video. I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to say, but seems like I talked a bit too much!

  13. This video help me out on brushing out my curls so much thanks for making it =)

  14. Great tutorial!! :) ...answers many questions I had concerning this point...

    ...just one question - I couldn't understand what kind of mixture you had in your white aerosol can (?) - water & ...?
    ...and what did you use after that... ?

  15. Hep Kitten... You are so welcome!! I am glad it helped!

    Racaire... Sorry about that noise. I was too lazy to look for my guy's quite lights. LOL. The water bottle just had water and setting lotion in it. Way less setting lotion than water. If I use too much setting lotion in the mix, it streams out instead of mists. The last thing I used was called R&B from It's a hair treatment that works lovely on my hair type. Most ladies won't need it unless their hair is super dry, kinky, or frizzy.

  16. Thank you very much :)
    btw. you look lovely!!! :)