Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arizona whoas...

One of the downfalls of living in Phx, AZ is the basic lack of spring and autumn. Sure, they are there, but all too briefly. The weather here seems to be bloody hot or why is it so cold? So when autumn rolls around and you find yourself wanting to wear your heavier knits and fall color schemes, turns out it's still too hot! So what's a girl to do? I want to wear my knits and slacks and but it's too warm to wear something that heavy. So instead I aim for one of my old spring/summery frocks, but it seems silly to wear pastels and white shoes.

You would think I would know this by now and be better prepared, but I am always a last minute kind of gal so by time I get a full autumn/winter wardrobe, it will be 100 degrees out again! LOL

I also have so many sewing projects on the back burner, I don't know if I will ever get caught up! That and shopping for heavy fabrics isn't something I often have to do or have the extra cash for.

This post really turned into a whoa is me kind of posting, eh? Iy yi yi! Looks like I am going to have to go on a plan of attack! Starting tonight!


  1. That sweater is great. I've been very sweater obsessed and trying to learn to knit this Fall. Do you have the catalog or a link to the pattern?

  2. I've got that beauty on my "must knit" list as well. Droolsville!

  3. I can't imagine not having real seasons, for years now I have yearned to live in Pasadena CA, no reason other than that I love it there, we've spent a LOT of time there and it's the type of place I imagine living HOWEVER only this year did I realise how much I'd miss autumn and proper winter. I guess if you've grown up in those areas it's normal but I'd really miss it. Having said that, it's not 100 degrees here but it's unseasonably warm in the UK for October and certainly not sweater weather yet!

  4. Let's trade. You can have your fall, winter and sweaters... because I want none of it!

  5. Nancy... I too have been wanting to learn how to knit. There are some great sweaters out there that need to be made!! Hehehe I found this image here I believe they have a pattern you can download. Let me know how it turns out!! :)

    BVV... Make 2! One for you and one for me. :) Hahaha

    STMama... There is nothing like the leaves changing in the fall!

    Miss Tayva... I will take it, but only until we move to Palm Springs together.

  6. I understand completely, being in Vegas it's the same thing. It's hot or it's cold !