Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair and nails.

Today was a nice day. I was picked up by my bride and her sister and we went for mani/pedis. I decided to ask for a half moon manicure as I had never had one before. Neither did the girl painting nails. I think she did a good job considering she had never done one before and I had a hard time explaining it. I wish the polish came done a bit more, but over all I love it and feel super glamourous with it! I picked up a trick that I will try out next time when I try to do it myself.

Before I was picked up however, I was flipping through some old rags I have looking for a decent half moon photo to bring with me. Sadly I couldn't find any, but what I did find was a photo of Carole Landis that inspired my hair. It's not exactly the same as I pulled up the sides. However I do think I did a pretty good job for only a 1 hour bonnet set and 15 mins style time. Had I had longer, I am sure I could have done better.

Included is the only picture I got of my outfit for the day. The dress does fall just past the knee even though you can't see that.

Remember to click the images to enlarge.


  1. The moons are way too big... just google it next time, you can find pics!

  2. I think your hair looks gorgeous (as always), and I love your dress. The nails do look really neat, too, but Miss Tavya's right about the moons (poor manicurist did her best, I'm sure). Also, isn't the tip supposed to be without "tint"? Here's a blog that included a couple of pics...all in all, I think it still looks cool.

  3. i think it looks pretty! the color and everything. your hair looks divine. :D miss amethyst

  4. I've tried to do that to my nails and what a big ol' mess. LOL Maybe I'll have my nail gal try it next time...

    That dress is awesome!

  5. Tayva... My printer was broke. I could hardly understand the gal, so I didn't know if she was getting it or not. I agree, they need to be way further down, but as is, I am pleased. Next time when I do them myself, I'll go further down. Amazingly the paint is still perfect!

    BVV... Thanks so much! Yes, I was debating on whether or not to tell her about the tips, but I was having such a hard time understanding her, that I wouldn't even know how to explain to her how to go about the tips. Hahaha. Besides, she probably already thought I was crazy enough with the points and the weird paint style! I actually need to refile my nails as they have worn down to a beautiful oval. I want claws! Hehehehe

    Miss Amethyst... Thank you! I was trying to get a color that matched well with the hair flower that the bride made for me to wear. It wasn't quite the match, but luckily for my toes that got smudged, I had a matching polish at home.

    Lucky Dame... When I do mine for myself the first time, I will let you know how it goes. I definitely suggest bringing in a photo. That would have made it way easier for me than it was.

    Jaede... Thanks! I bought the dress off a good friend of mine.