Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flowers? I don't need no stinkin' flowers!

In my hair that is!!

On this past season of So You Think You Can Dance, Cat Deeley wore a giant rubber beetle in her hair and I just thought it was the greatest thing! So when Perry found a giant rubber scorpion that he wore on his hat for Halloween one year, you know I got excited and squee'd that I will be wearing the scorpion in my hair for the next JBB show! (My hair is messed from a long night of dancing in the photo.) Wearing this scorpion was the whole point of this post. I love it's hugness and it's obnoxiousness so much, I can't wait to wear it again! I might have to look into getting a couple nicer western clothes so I have something better to wear with it! Blech.

Here I am mugging with one of my girls, Dixie Martin!

I don't normally wear "western" as it isn't my thing and I just never cared for it unless it is an 1800's whore. The only thing that really goes with a scorpion is western, so I borrowed one of Perry's shirts and threw on my blue jeans. I am no snob -- I wear modern jeans that lay at the hips. I like them as well as the high waisted ones. I just wish I had a slimmer waistline and flatter tummy to pull them off better. Hah! So that is why I am a bit out of my norm in these photos.

As for my hair -- I finally gave in and bought a hair rat for my faux bangs. Here I am a snob (towards myself, not other ladies)... I tend to shun off anything fake in hair except for my color! Hah! I finally got a rat because I have been admiring Fleur de Guerre's hair for some time and wanted a nice do like her's. I still have to practice on the rolling because it took me farrrrrrrr too long to get it to look this half way decent! Fleur's hair looks a million times better than mine because she has a cute little head and I have a basketball for a head. I am going to have to find a way to shape my hair better to slim my head instead of adding extra girth! I know I have a big head, but this is ridiculous! Hahahaha. I wore it down most of the night, but started to pull it back into a ponytail, because dancing just got me hot and sweaty. PEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUU!!! Stinky too!


  1. lol - i love the scorpion! i've been searching for an appropriately sized crab myself (i can feel the jokes coming already) to wear to the next blues show. GMTA!

  2. I think the faux bangs look great! Love the scorpion too. I would love to wear faux bangs but I have a teeny face & long neck the combination is not a good look for me!

  3. I think your bangs look marvellous! I'm still at the practising stage, and i end up having to use tons of pins on the top of my head to keep the stray and loose hairs from popping up!

  4. That's one perfect faux bangs if you ask me, great job! And I love the scorpio in your hair, being a Scorpio myself. *^v^*

  5. It looks great!
    I've tried that style a few times... and failed (although i got a lot of compliments on it... *I* knew it just wasn't right!)

  6. I can't use a rat. They make for crappy looking Tayva hair! Looks better without.

    Oh, and your head is more like a football.

  7. Looks great, but the scorpion is giving me goosebumps. It looks so real and huge! Where did you get your rat and how long is it? They have some on amazon and they are sold in different lengths.

  8. Love the scorpion! I have thin/fine hair and vintage styles are just hard for me to do-I can not back comb at all!

  9. Darlink? You have a new devotee and ardent follower...Hubba, Hubba fromJolene, Bungalow Gal.

  10. Inky... thanks! That is perfect! The carb it is... I have this material I bought at JoAnn's a few years back and I need to fix it... I made it into a skirt, but it has crabs all over it! I absolutely love the skirt... so welcome the crab jokes with open arms!

    STM... Hahaha I wish I had a teeny head! Have you tried maybe trying to do faux baby bangs? I always liked the look of real baby bangs, but my hair texture would never allow them. I might try faux ones, but that may be too difficult for me. Thank you, I am glad you think the faux ones I did look good.

    Stefanie V... Thank you and I know your pain!! I don't think I have ever used this many pins in my life! I am not even including the ones used to hold the scorpion in place!

    Brahdelt... Thank you. I think once I get used to working with the rat it will please me more. I did an ok job I think, but then again I am comparing it to Fleur's hair who is a mad genius at this style. :-) It's funny you said that about Scorpio... I was wondering how I could incorporate my beau's sign on my head, but he's a Sagittarius so I don't think a half man half horse would work very well. LOL

    IKKVT... Thanks. I sure could use some practice. But isn't it the truth, you have sloppy hair that isn't just right and nothing but compliments, but when it is perfect, no one says a damn thing. Makes me wonder if they are just trying to be nice. :-/

    Tayva... Yeah, I definitly need practice on using it... my hair was pretty crappy looking the first 235874 times I tried it. And I am not Stewie Griffin... my head is not a football, just a basketball.

    Marie-Anne... The creepiness of the scorpion is the best part! Hah! I got th e rat at Sally's Beauty Supply. It was a circle shaped one for buns. I just it open on one side and then cut off about an inch so it wasn't too long on my head. I also had to unwrap a couple layers of the material otherwise my hair would have wrapped too thickly. It was around $4.

    Lesley Ann... Hehehe Thanks! What styles are you looking to acheive? I know for me some 30's styles I adore would benefit better if I had thin hair.

    Jolene... Hi! I am glad you like ye olde blog! I just took a peek at yours. What a fantastic bungalow you have there!

  11. Your hair looks so cute like that!

    Love the way you look in this outfit and the hair piece is adorable.


  12. You look like a doll! And hey, at least the faux bang w/ the rat is authentic. Not so much the giant bug but I like that too! LOL

  13. Howdy! Just arrived in Glendale this past Sunday. Any local fabric shops I should check out? Have a trip planned to SAS to look for some specific things, but would like to know if you know of any good apparal fabric shops in the basin.

    BTW-saw an ad for you appearance in Albuquerque when we passed through last week.

  14. Darla... Thanks! I feel like I need to build a wardrobe around that scorpion! I love it that much!

    Jewlover2... Aw thanks! Hahaha My scorpion is so fantastic, I don't mind being unauthentic for it! :-D I like morbid just as much as vintage.

    BakeliteBebe... Thank you! Now I just need more places to wear it!

    aurelia.donka... Welcome to AZ! Are you here for good or just passing through? SAS is the only joint I know of around here and that is where I go. My friend Jenny usually has luck finding vintage fabric at the thrift stores. II don't know how she does it either! How cool! I didn't know they had the ads up yet! Eek... it's coming up! This weekend. I better make a post! Squee!!!

  15. love the rat for the bangs! Very nice very nice! Feels like forever since I've seen you miss! I adore creapy crawlers in the hair! My friend in LA is always adding snakes and spiders :)