Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look Grandma! No Roots!

Ah back to my glorious full head of blonde locks. Oh how I missed you bleach and peroxide!

This is how I am wearing my hair today. We are going to take the boys to the park for a nice strolly rolly... The weather is clear so far and the sun is out, so we might as well take advantage!

No more Grandma!


  1. ohhh lovely hair! how do you have it pinned in the back, Lolita?

  2. Thanks Shrinky! This is how I have it in back. I hope you get an idea. I was too lazy to find all blonde bobby pins so a couple are showing... although most of my pinns are hidden.

  3. wow! i love it. you really should do a tutorial on that one

  4. Love it, and I adore how you styled it. Your hair looks stunning and so do you.


  5. This reminds me of that Lush video you made... hahahahaha
    But your hair looks great!

  6. Love the hairstyle!!! This makes me want to grow my bangs out again.

  7. Don't you look lovely for your birthday!

  8. Alberto Vargas would have *adored* you. I agree, post a tutorial! :D

  9. Gorgeous! And thanks for the kind words you gave me!

  10. Twila... That is only because I have to keep up with your fabulous self! <3

    Betty Lou... Whenever I style my hair I forget to record and then when I plan to make one I always get side tracked. Ah! LOL I will try to add this to my to do tutorial list. :)

    Miss Matilda... :-P Hehehe

    Eileen... Thanks!

    Stefanie V... Thank you. It's a bit bigger on top than I would like, but that is the curse of having cotton candy for hair!

    Darla... Thank you. The more cute styles I try to recreate the more I realize I need layers! My recreation was a flop as it looked nothing like what I finally ended up with. It originally started with a center part!

    Tayva... Hahaha I was HOT in that LUSH vid!

    MaryVannotes... Thank you! It is a simple do if one has cotton candy for hair like I do! Hah!

    TBroad... Yeah, I want to cut mine shorter, but I think it is best if I let it grow. I may throw layers in it however.

    Syd... Thank you. I always find yours so mesmerizing!

    Pink... My boys really did enjoy all the work I did on my hair to take them to the park! Hah!

    Screen Siren... Thanks Doll!

    C-Dot... Oh! Wouldn't that be a treat if he did! Can you imagine, me as a Varga Girl! What a gas!

    Lesley Ann... Aww Thanks! And you are welcome. I know how you feel. I am going through some mean reds right now, but I just have to remember that there are people out there who wish they had my problems. :)

  11. Your hair looks lovely! You make me wish I had my platinum hair again :)

  12. There's the Vintage Starlet we all know and love... but who am I to talk, I have my dull ginger poking out of my red hair at the moment.

    I love the hair do.

  13. gah!! I wish I was blessed with the Jew Fro!!!

  14. Sirens Sexy... I have been aching to go blue and pink with my hair, but things keep coming up that keep me blonde. Soon! Pink and Blue!

    Angel... Hahaha isn't it the truth! :-D Sadly I have to have roots every now and then... I don't want to kill my hair comelpetely from bleaching once a week. Besides, it gives me an excuse to be frumpy and lazy! Jean and Marilyn perferred their casual selves to their glam selves... of course I wish my glam self was 1/2 of their casual selves! Thanks too by the way! It was a semi quick do!

    Amy Jeanne... Hah! While the jew fro is a giant plus... it can also be the biggest set back for some styles. I will never be able to perfect my Ginger Rogers styles... especially the cute short ones from her Fred and Ginger years.

  15. Once again and fabulous hairdo! I don't know how you do it!!

  16. BtL... Other than the setting of the curls, the style took less than 10 mins to whip in place. :) Thank you for the sweet comments!

  17. Prettiest hair I ever did see! I love how think your hair is! Soooo pretty Lo!
    but the post before this one had me smiling! I love the hose with the flats! Still fully dressed with a bad back :( ouch! Hope its feeling better!

  18. Damn Straight, no more old lady! LOL

    Love the 'do'. :)

  19. Lolitaaaaaa! Your hair makes me sooooo jealous. It's just beautiful! (you are too, obviously!!)

  20. CC... Well aren't you a sweetheart! I know there are styles you wear that make me jealous! Hahaha yeah, I was feeling very Grandma-y. Still back pain... I go in on Monday and see what treatments are required. I just want to be fixed.

    Jewlover2... Hahaha I almost liked being a grandma better! So not true, but that day it was! LOL

    IKKVT... You make this old woman blush! Thank you!