Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Link exchange?

Dear fellow readers... My website will be launched quite soon so I wanted to get on top of some things before then. Right now I am looking for people who want to do a link/banner exchange. Mind you, my site will be adult in nature, but not pornographic. You uppity tight panties can argue over the distinction between the two amoungst yourselves... anyway, for those of you who are interested in link exchanging it can be for your blogs, your etsys, anything that is somehow related to what I do and who I am... Burlesque, vintage, pinup, photography, fetish, ect... and I have the right to not link your site if I don't want to or don't like you. Hah!

So if you are interested please email me a 468pxX60px banner and your web address to

Please take any of these banners and place it on your site as well... afterall, that is how a link exchange works!



  1. i love the first one!!! I would be inerested in doing this but i have no glue how to make a freaking banner!!

  2. We need more true pin ups,go girl!

  3. Ooh, i would love to do a link exchange whenever my website is set up (if it ever gets there!), i love the last banner.
    And like Brook, how the hell do you make a banner?! x

  4. Brook... Thanks so much! If you have a photo editing program like Photoshop just creat a new banner in there. :)

    Gingeyginge... Thanks lady! I will be doing adult related shoots, but nothing pornographic.

    Stefanie... Thanks! Do you have a photo editing program like photoshiop? That is what I use. :)