Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Sew What?" Edition 2 Chapter 1

As you will recall in "Sew What?" Edition 2 Prologue I began working on a jumper but got stuck on the collar. Lucky for me, Jenny was having another sewing circle day. So I lugged my sewing machine and jumper parts over to her house to learn how to do the dreaded collar.

Before I get to the collar, here is a photo of what I had accomplished up to that point. Here is my jumper being modelled by the lovely Mab... Mazzil... Maybelline... Ma? Jenny's dress lady.

Jenny was kind enough to show me the tricks to the collar. I was a dumb nut and would sew both ends together in the past instead of sewing only one side and then flipping the lip of the other half. If you don't sew, what I said won't make sense, but if you do, it may make sense. :)

Unfortunately I only had enough time to complete the collar before I had to leave. Sad too because I was there for a good 4 hours. Damn chatty gals. But before I left, Jenny was kind enough to let me raid her button drawer and find me some buttons for the jumper. So now I have all the notions I need to complete my jumper.

I leave you with awful photos of me sewing on the floor. Jenny likes to hog the table tops for her things and makes everyone else sew on the florr. Just teasing. This is actually my perferred method of sewing. I can;t sew on a table anymore... I am used to the way I sit on the floor with my foot on the pedal. Any other way feels quite awkward to me. Like I said... these are horrible photos of me as I need to get my roots done.

In the next chapter I will talk about finishing up the garment and take a photo of it.


  1. That's right, broads, on the floor with ya'll!! Nutcase girl. :-D

  2. hahaah thats so funny you sit on the floor. My aunt sits on the floor too... I've never tried it. My back hurts so bad after sewing for hours at a table though. Can't wait to see the jumper done. I've just got a few colette patterns in the mail and cant wait to start!

  3. Oh, I forgot to add...her name is Mavis, and she's pretty mad that you used her and then forgot her name! Shame on you!

  4. That look very cute, i can't wait to see the finished product.
    Aww, your method of sewing is very sweet, don't you get cramps after a while?! x

  5. It makes me very very jealous that you are wearing a dress, with not even stockings on your legs in Janurary. I was wearing about 17 million layers today... I still froze! it's -31 fahrenheit today. :(

  6. Bitchez should be on the floor like all dogz!

    You didn't know to leave one side open on a collar?? LOL. Basic sewing 101.

    I like to cut and mark on the floor, but I'm not sure I'd be good with the machine there...

  7. Ha! Fist blog to day that makes me laugh!

    I used to sit like you with my machine like you before (i bought a table?) I moved in with my love ;)

    Looking forvard to se the finnished result in an outfit post!

  8. Yay, I can't wait to see it! You're so funny.

    (PS. I like your hair...)

  9. You and your floor sewing always cracks me up. Using a table fucks me up quite a bit... you're crazy!