Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey Grandma is that you?

Wow... what an old woman I am becoming!! Hahahaha!! Here is me today in my dress, yes, I forgot the belt, my "Grandpa" sweater, my stockings and flats. My back has been in terrible pain lately, so I opted for flats. I twisted my hair back just to do something with it as I will be bleaching the roots later today.

I had to laugh because I caught my reflection as I hunched out of the car to get breakfast and nearly pee'd myself from the image I saw! Hahaha, hey Sonny, can you help me into the restaurant?

Sadly, I am quite comfortable in this ensemble of old. Hopefully the bleach will dumb out the old lady in me and get me back into glorious glamwear! Snort!


  1. Even all casual you still are cute as a button. Love that cardigan!


  2. Darla... You are the kindest, sweetest gal to say that! Hehehe it's my beau's. I think I have worn it more in the last 2 weeks than he has the entire time he's owned it!

    Miss Matilda... I know it blows my whole glamour girl image, but I am not about faking who I am! :-D

    Syd... Hahaha I can't fight it anymore... I am an old bat! :-D

  3. hahaha i had tagged you for a "real me" post with photo - i believe you have outdone yourself without even knowing it ;) love you even more now, granny.

  4. I was giggling because my outfit yesterday for cleaning the house was DIS....gus....ting and you still look really glam Blondie, even as a gran'ma!!
    I just looked destroyed!! xx Much love

  5. Ha ha ha "Hey Sonny help me" !!!

    We all know that you are a glamour gal and comprehend for your health the flat choice ; )But anyway i love a lot the dress, it's not awfull.

    Hope your back stop to be painfull.

  6. All you're missing is a hairnet, apron and reading glasses, old lady! :-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way!!!! I hope you and Perry get to do something fun.

  7. Pink... Yeah, I just revealed that this Supergirl is really a Linda Lee.

    C-Dot... Hahaha far from cute in that photo! :-D I thank you for yoru sweetness. :)

    Inky... Hahaha I missed that! I was tagged. How funny, I must have read your internet brain waves, and just knew!

    Miss Matilda... I hardly doubt you looked distroyed! I bet you were one hot lady yesterday!

    TBMI... Thank you, Dear! Yeah, unfortunately last year I was in a car accident and my back hasn't been the same. :( I am a high heel lovah too. So sad... :( But I am an old woman now, so I have to have my orthopedic shoes. :) Hahahaha

    Red... Pretty much. :) I have the glasses already though. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. xoxoxo

  8. PINK I meant Danvers! Where the hell did I pull Lee from?

  9. bless you, I love that you admit to looking 'dressed down' sometimes! I know what you mean because I work from home sometimes I look quite frankly gross I catch a glimpse in the mirror and nearly recoil in horror!

    You do look kinda cute though ha ha!

  10. STMama... Hahaha thanks! Too tell youthe truth, it has been cold here and I have poor circulation so it makes me even colder. So I don't feel much like dressing up. Plus my roots will always ruin a good glam look, so I tend to dress down when they are showing. :-D