Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jean Harlow Hair

So yesterday I knew I was going to do a shoot today, but I didn't have any particular style I wanted planned out, so when I set my hair, I just did a random set and figured what happens happens. So when I took the set out and started to brush, I thought it reminded me a bit of Jean Harlow. Now I know I don't look like Harlow, but I thought the hair was similar... maybe... kinda...?

Please note that these photos have NOT been color corrected so they have a bit of a cool tone to them. Also, since this post is about my hair and not the photos themselves, I did crop them in to show just the hair.

A couple side views:

This shows the dip of the wave nicely:

The best "back" view I have:

Sorry there is no tutorial... It was a random set so I wasn't sure what I would get. Oh! But I will say it was wet set with perm rods and slept in overnight to dry.


  1. That's a lovely 'do. Have you had a haircut since your last tutorial?

  2. perm rods great idea, you look fab, as ever xxx

  3. Oooh, it looks lovely, you do look very Harlow! Love the dip in the wave, love the first picture, you look so vintage glamour.

  4. Gorgeus!!! Very Harlow indeed... I wanna go platinum too!

  5. Fabulous Miss Lolita, I wish my random sets came out that well xxx

  6. oh wow! love it! and it reminds me a lot of harlow!

  7. Gorgeous! It looks like it took so much work. I think it totally looks like Harlow

  8. Fabulous! Very Harlow, overall.

    You actually remind me of Irene Dunne in these pictures... She was a beautiful, talented lady :)

  9. Lila... Yes, as a matter of fact I did get a haircut. Rather I gave myself a VERY uneven one. I cut off about 4 inches of fried and splitends. Funny too, because now, my hair doesn't want to hold curl! Not in these photos though. I am surprised how well it curled!

    Able Grable... Thanks so much! I really wish I could master the pincurl, but unfortunately my skills lack there! Perm rods have worked the best for me and have the most lasting curls.

    redtheda... Thank you!! When I looked through the photos afterwards I thought how wonderful it would be to do a Harlow tribute with this style. Sadly I don't think I can replicate the style -- well maybe. :-)

    Heidi... Thank you. I think my eyebrows are throwing me off for the complete Harlow look. Mine are a bit thicker than hers. If you do go platinum, be prepared for MANY steps to get there and then horrendious upkeep!

    Jaede... Lady, you have one of the most envied looks!!

    Betty Lou... I was unsure if it was Harlowesque or exaggerated Marilyn. LOL I went with Harlow. Even if it was just ego! Hahaha.

    KC... Other than the set that I slept on overnight, the actual "styling" time was less than 10 mins! Less time than it takes to use a straightener on my hair.

    C-Dot... Hehehe I think my thicker eyebrows keep me from really capturing the Harlow look. If I ever try to do Harlow on purpose I will have to do something with my eyebrows for sure! Irene Dunne... I'll take it! :-D Especially since she co-starred with my man, Cary Grant.

  10. love love love it! i've always wanted to attempt a harlow hairdo!

  11. The look is so well done! How did you get the wave?

  12. Screen Siren... This Harlow do was a complete accident! I just went with it! :)

    Amanda... Thank you so much!

    Siren Sexy... It is hard to explain, if I have some extra time tomorrow I will do a diagram photo of the placement of the perm rods for you. :)

  13. Hello! I just found your blog, love your pitchures!
    I´m looking forward to see how your dress will come out! I think your idea with using differnt pattern will work well!

    And your hair! So beautifull (and it really looks like pincurl made!)

  14. Nadja... Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. :) I think I am going to work a bit more on the dress today. I worked on the skirt a bit a couple weeks ago and messed up so I got frustrated. I think it is time I revisit that skirt now! :) Thank you! I am really happy with how well the curls turn out with the perm rods. They are a bit more bulky and bothersome than pincurls, but they do the trick!

  15. Thank you so much Glamour Daze! I am learning new tricks to styling my hair this short!

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