Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween is just around the corner...

Tonight Perry and I did a photoshoot for Halloween. I didn't want to dress up in costume and pose, but rather capture the "spirit" harharhar of promotional actress and pinup Halloween photos of the past. I hope we did pretty good concidering we prepared very last minute!!

La Fine Photography 2009.

Dress, tap panties, bra, and shoes provided by Hollywood Regency Vintage

Vintage Halloween die cuts on loan from Jenny Kuller

I entitle this one. Beware of bitches who disguise themselves as witches.

And some more unnamed ones... I would post more, but I am too tired to and I want to go to bed. So enjoy these. Happy Halloween!!


  1. Wow, these photographs are amazing. You are so gorgeous, I wish I could pull something like this off :(

  2. You did capture the vintage halloween spirit. I just love these xxx

  3. love them! especially the upper right corner shot in color!

  4. these are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are a MOST talented team.
    There is so much I want to say about
    these pictures, but don't know where to start.


  6. I love the picture with you and the tiny kitten, you both look like you scared one an other, so cute.

  7. Fancy Pants... Aww you are too sweet! Xoxoxo I bet you could do photos like this! My secret... Date a photographer. :-D

    Jaede... Hehehe Thank you. I think these are my favourite Perry and I have done!

    Shrinky Inky... Yeah, that bugger of a pumpkin is looking right up my dress! Hehehehe

    Dizzy Dame... Thanks! I really enjoyed shooting these! I think these are our best yet!

    Miss Matilda... To quote the Madhatter, "Start at the begining and when you get to the end, stop." Hahahaha, seriously though, thank you. That is very kind of you. I am quite lucky to have a guy who knows his way behind the camera!

    Brooksie... Thanks again! I think that one is one of my top 5 from the shoot. I was surprised how well and neat those diecuts photographed!

  8. Absolutely brilliant Lo! I am in awe of your amazingness. And so jealous as I wanted to do a halloween shoot but a: I won't have time and b: nothing I could do would come close to this!

  9. Fleur... Are you crazy? You are one of my model/photo inspirations. Of course you could do photos like this! I wouldn't be surprised it you did them better too! Was it you who said that Halloween isn't that big over there? I don't know if this will help motivate you, but we put this shoot together in a day. I was carving those damn pumpkins at 8:30pm before the shoot! Hahahaha

  10. i love your work with this photographer. couldn't get any more authentic scream queen!

  11. Those are adorable! They do very much remind me of those old Halloween postcards and pinups you see. I love the one with the cat.

  12. These are the best retro Halloween shots I've ever seen. Good job to you both!

  13. Dear one, all of your links are missing dot com or something, I checked Perry's and it doesn't work, until I added the dot com.

    Damn he is a good photog!! Compliments to the chef and ingredients! he heh.

  14. Screen Siren... Thanks, Doll! I guess that is the benefit to dating a photographer. I think these are my favourite set that we have done thus far!

    RedTheda... Thank you. That is exactly the look I was trying to capture. I think the one with the cat is one of my favourites too! Top 5 for sure.

    Amanda... Thank you so much!

    Tayva... Thank you! I've seen some good ones out there. I hope mine can even compare!

    IKKVT... Thank you so much! I am so happy so many are enjoying these.

    Desi... Thank you. I fixed the linkies. Hehehe I will tell him you said so... and ahem... thank you!

    CC... Thank you. I am overjoyed with how well these turned out. The best yet is right! :)

  15. fantastic halloween pictures! soooooo cute.
    you are sucha pretty dame.

  16. Glamoursurf... Thanks! I really enjoyed this set! I thought I would get maybe 10 out of it... looks more like 100+ !!

    Twila... Awww Thanks! Normally I am the one doing the frightening, not the one getting frightened!

  17. This is totally reminiscent of Betty Grable's halloween pictures. I'm sure you've seen them before but I thought I'd mention it anyway :)
    love it.

  18. The ones where she is readying the spooky stories book? Yes, she was definitely one of my main inspirations for this shoot! Thank you Anonymous!