Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty Bath

I just finished up a wonderful beauty bath. Sadly, I had no LUSH products to make my bath even more enjoyable. So sad... I need a LUSH fairy to bless me with a gift certificate for LUSH. Anyway, It was pretty nice. I gave myself a coffee scrub and shaved my legs nice and smooth... along with other areas... ahem. I soaked in the water and got nice and soft.

Afterwards I used up the last of the lotion on my legs and the rest of my body. I then put a thick layer of Vaseline on my feet and put on my soft and fluffy candy socks. I have a bunch of these socks I got at Walgreens that are super soft. Each color combo reminds me of some sort of candy or sweet treat. The ones I am wearing now are my Neopolitan icecream socks.

I feel nice, but not wonderful... I NEED MY LUSHIES!!!!

Custom photo shoot in the bathtub for anyone that sends me a generous GC for LUSH! Xoxoxox Only you and I will have copies of the set! Hehehehe


  1. Eww! LOL that Pear's ad makes me cringe! So does Pear's soap itself; makes your skin feel rough.

    Which Lushies are your favourite? I love the tisty tosty bomb and the sandalwood lotion. Mmmm...

  2. I really need some of those socks from Bliss that have the gel lining in them that help the skin on your feet soak up more lotion than normal. I have the gloves already and they're wonderful! I love squishy socks too, so comforting!

  3. C-Dot... Hahaha That picture makes me laugh! It's about as sexy as I feel in the tub! My favs are Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Brazened Honey mask, and aquamarina cleanser... And probably about 253752375 other things!

    Ms B I have never seen or heard of those. Do they feel good on? I ask because even with my favourite socks, I don't really care for anything on my feet. I wish I could be barefoot all the time!

  4. Hmmmm, maybe Santa will bring you some Lush goodies...

  5. It's so nice having a luxurious bath. I tried Pears soap for a bit (purely for old time associations) but it made my skin really dry. I hope some Lush goodies go your way soon :)

  6. Tayva... That would be nice of him to do!

    Esme... That is too bad about Pears. :( I haven't tried it myself. I don't even know if we carry it here in AZ. Thanks! I hope so too. It is amazing how much more enjoyment I get with LUSH.