Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wow! Great hair!

Ok... I am posting this to show my hair. I am just being lazy by not cropping it. So focusing solely on the hair... what do you think of this style?


  1. you are so hot and beautiful on this pic ! Very femme fatale !

  2. Love the hair!! I can never get my front curl that perfect. Very jealous.

  3. Whatever, you just wanted to show us your titties. Slag.

  4. MissMatilda...Thanks! I think I just need to video tape my whole processes since I go into styling, never knowing the outcome!

    Marie... Rawr! Thank you! ♥ I was having a tough time with myself during this shoot.

    Dizzy... Thanks! I never know what the outcome is going to be! This one was an exceptional surprise!

    A. Rose... Let me tell you, the whole style was an accident! Even though there are 4 main rolls/curls, there is only 3 sections there. The center 2 are actually 1 section that curled in opposite directions. I just went where they were leading me! :-D

    Shrinky... Hehehehe yeah... that is what I wanted to hear. Hehehee I admit it!

    Tayva... I really did. There will be more boobie posts I am sure. Because I want to.

    Lauren... Thank you. It was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with my hair!

  5. You seriously expect me to find your hair in that picture?!?!?

    After about five minutes I managed to find it. Fab!