Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Look at me!!" The Vanity H. Files

We continue now with, As the Camera Flashes starring Lolita Haze

Yes... Kiddies it's another exciting episode of Look at Me! The Vanity H. Files. Todays episode is Pinup Stockings brought to you by La Fine Photography and is sponsored by Hollywood Regency Vintage. Get all your vintage needs in Phoenix at Hollywood Regency Vintage!

Bustie, bra, and girdle provided by Hollywood Regency Vintage in Phoenix, AZ


  1. that second one is fabulous! wow wow wow!

  2. Thanks ladies... I thought my blog was getting a little to clothed for my tastes! Hahahaha

  3. I haven't killed any men yet. Broken a few, but never killed. LOL