Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A day in the life of...

First off I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions to help jive this place up. I will get to replying to each comment soon.

Now, this first entry in my day in the life of series will be rather boring I am afraid. Also there are no photos to share, but I thought I would share with everyone the bores of my non-glamourous self.

Perry and I slept in this morning as he had the day off. When we did decided to wake up, I started a pot of coffee for him. For all the vintage folk out there I used my 1940's/1950's electric percolator that I won off of ebay a few months back. Perry really enjoys the coffe from this gadget and hasn't used his modern coffee maker since! He says it brews up nice and hot. Then I made him a nice small breakfast of french toast. He likes it better on wheat bread and I have a hard time telling if I make it properly or not because the bread is already a dark color. I ended up skipping breakfast, myself, as I was in a creative mode to continue working on my website.

By the way... my outfit for most of the day was Perry's tank top and his boxer shorts. Not vintage and nolt glamourous, but when the pups need to potty first thing in the morning, I don't exactly have time to doll myself up properly. Being that it was a lazy day I just stayed in it. Since he couldn't keep his hands off me all day, I am assuming he didn't mind that I wore those all day.

For those interested, I am building a new layout and hope to relaunch my website soon. In fact we are taking photos tomorrow... nekked ones! *blushes* Now I can make sure everyone in the world gets to see my chichi's. I think there are at least 5 people left in the world who haven't! Hehehehe. I am quite excited about this exposure... I am a deviant you know. I spent most of my day working on the website here and there all while doing my domestic duties such as dishes and cleaning up.

Along with that, I took in an asian style dress that I hope to wear tomorrow night for the Jump Back Brothers and Heymakers gig. I am really looking forward to this fun night out and enjoying these 2 great bands.

Back to my day. About lunch time Perry wanted to change the oil in his truck so I made him a chicken salad sandwich to munch on before he got all dirty. After that he decided to go to the gym for a workout. He came home and we spent some time lazying around together before my show came on - So You Think You Can Dance. Before it started however, I needed to start on dinner. Since dinner was going to take 2 1/2 hours to make, I got started on it while he took a bit of a catnap. I decided to make him meatloaf. It is so simple even I can make it. We all know how much I can't cook, so if I can make meatloaf -- ANYONE can!

Now as a special treat for Pierre, I decided to cook and serve dinner to him in a very special outfit. On a recent trip to Cave Creek, we picked up some shear panties that had attached garter straps to them that were from the 60's I am guessing. Anyhoo... I wore those shear panties with black seamed stockings and heels... and nothing else. It was the first time I wore those panties for him. Boy was he delighted! ;-D

After SYTYCD, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and much to my surprise, the meatloaf was a raving success! He kept eating more and more and more! Yumms...

After dinner we retired to the bedroom... I am sure you can imagine what happened next so I will just skip the horny details and continue on.

We ended the night watching the 1st 2 eps of the 4th disc of S2 of Mad Men. Hopefully tomorrow we will watch the last 2 of S2 and be all caught up. Well... as caught up as we can be without watching S3.

So there you have the fun filled day of Lolita Haze. It may not be filled with excitement, but it is overflowing with love and happiness!!

I will try to write again tomorrow. Hopefully something a little more titalating will happen. Hey you... I see you yawning there! Don't worry... there isn't much left to read here!

Oh wait! I almost forgot. Yesterday I scored my perfume for 75% off!! I bought 2 big bottles of Lollia -- 1 was believe and the other was wish and I also got 2 small bottles of inspire all for 30$!!!! Mind you believe is 46$ and wish is 48$ normally!! the small bottles are 8$ each regularly! Can you imagine how thrilled I am right now! Oh and believe is a dead ringer for YSL's Champagne that came out in the 90's. Well... at least I think it did. I just remember being in Hawaii and my uncle's gf's parents bouht it for me when I was 16. That is a total side note, but I had to add it. I smell like Champagne as I type.

Ok you yawners... I am done now.



  1. That sounds like a good day! I want more like that, i dont get them often enough. Cant wait to see the website.

  2. 'Ello..just found your blog and absolutely love it!
    What a fun day you two had...meatloaf is super easy and makes great sandwiches the next day...a "vintage" lunch would be cold meatloaf, sliced thin, on white bread with some mayo and really IS good!! Take it from a foodie who thinks white bread is only good for that and olive loaf used to replace packing peanuts!

  3. Oooh, great deal on the perfume! =D
    And I'm glad your day was full of happiness and love - that's the best kind of day.
    -Andi x

  4. that sounds like a might fine day! I am amazed Perry even finished dinner with you in that outfit - and btw, I have not seen your chichi's :)

  5. Cooking dinner in panties, stockings and heels? You little vixen! Perry is a lucky man!

  6. Even if you think your day to day life posts might be boring, many people will find it interesting just because, I think, we all like to see what other people are doing on daily basis. We like to get ideas from one another not only about what to wear and how to do make up, but also to see what else we can do for ourselves and others. I love your blog and agree with other readers on the fact that day to day life is as interesting as any glamour night out!
    So please tell us about what makes you happy or sad, your thoughts on things and so on...share your make up tricks! Your hair comes out so great, so please tell us how you take care of it, what your favorite products are, how you style it every day and so on!

    Thank you,

  7. Does that shop still have the Lollia stock? What if I PayPal you some money??
    I've not been using my small bottles for fear of... well, using them up.

    I am thoroughly addicted to their Grenadine and Tonic scent!