Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend fun in Kenosha!

I had a lovely weekend! It's funny as it seems I have done more things since moving back to Kenosha, than I ever did in my near 20 years in AZ. Maybe not as much "toury" stuff, but for sure, more local fun.

As always, click on the photos to enlarge.

This past weekend was the Homecoming carshow for AMC and Nash only cars. It was nice to walk around and take a look at 300 or so cars. I would have perferred more deco and war era cars, but the 98% of the cars were muscle cars. There were a small handful of "my era" cars, so that was a nice treat. I wanted to practise my "car photography" skills, but it was really hot and humid so our walk through became just that and I lost patoence for trying to make awesome photos. Hahaha You will see below that I didn't really try hard to shoot photos and then when I went to edit the photos, I started to play around with hdr type imagry. I am no expert, but I enjoyed tinkering with the photos and creating the images. I think I would like to continue tinking and work on my post editing skills with still life.

Having biked to the carshow and then walking around it, we became quite hungry. Luckily for us, Taste of Wisconsin was happening as well by the lake so we headed on over to check that out. We were slightly disappointed as the Taste of Wisconsin was more like the Taste of Kenosha. I'd say 95% of the businesses there were all located in Kenosha. :( We were hoping to discover new yummies, but alas, nothing really caught our eye. Don't think that stopped us from eating there! We ended up having hotdogs from Chubby Dogs, where their motto is Have you had a Chubby today? Yes, the juviniel in me LOVES that! I actually liked having a Chubby Dog. It was good! I really hope they sell their t-shirts. It's too awesome not to have! Timing is everything because right when we got our dogs, a band I have been wanting to see was getting ready to play. Pat Crawford Big Band. I kiund of roilled my eyes assuming they would be a 5 piece band if that, but I got really excited when I saw a whole bunch of gents setting up. Now, you know being a vintage gal, I am picture Gene Krupa, Benny Goodman, and even Kay Kieser all dressed so fly in their suits and polised instruments -- so I honestly was a bit disappointed when all the gents (ranging in age from late teens to 60's) were all dressed in theirm polos with logo.
But hey, at least they matched, right? In the end I enjoyed the band and will hopfully see them again, but I was a little disappointed on the song choices. Nothing was really out there swinging. It was all easily listening. I wanted to see jump-jiving and wailing. But I suppose beggars can't be choosers in this town. As it is our 1 rockabilly band broke up. Crap. :( The Pat Crawford Big Band did have a fun mc that was laying eggs right after the other. Let me tell you he was the flyest of all the men there in his white slacks and white shoes with silk tiger shirt. I am seriously loving the guy -- not making fun.

In the end Perry and I had a good time although it was hot and we were tired.

Sunday morning was a treat too. It started out with a trip to the beach for my latest shoot for Arthelia's Attic Snoods. A post for that to follow soon.) After the shoot, Perry had been wanting to go to a place called Apple Holler. It's an apple orchird and restaurant. I thought the place was amazing and neat, but Perry thought it was stupid. Hah! Firstly and probably the only part we could agree on is that breakfast was super yummy. Both of us had simple eggs and meat. We didn't try any of their apple specialties. Actually, Perry tried their apple butter on his cornbread, but he didn't care for it too much. As for me, I didn't even try it as I am not a fan of cornbread at all.

After breakfast we took a jaunt around the Apple Holler Fun Farm (I am not sure of that is the name -- ). There were goats and chickens, cutouts and mazes. Fun things if you have children or if you are me. Perry was getting hot an cranky so my fun was cut a bit short, but I do give Cranky La Fine credit for trying and putting up with me just long enough to get a few photos. One thing I did notice is that a lot of the area seemed slightly over grown, like the farm/orchird hadn't been taken care of for a while. My guess is lack of daily interest in the fun area. I mean the restaurant was full and my guess is they get plently of business for food, but as part of the farm area it didn't seem like there was much interest in the place.

For me the lack of interest in a place like that as a fun family activity makes me sad. I love those "old fashion" type places. Parents will spend 100's upon 100's of dollars to give their kids game systems and other techie gizmos to keep them selves busy, but they won't spend under 10$ (or free most of the time) to creatye fun and memories with their kids to go to places like this, unless it is a holiday like Halloween or 4th of July. It makes me really sad that places as charming as this go out of business. Anyhow I am rambling now...

I hope you enjoyed my weekend recap and liked the photos. (More photos can be seen at my official candid photo gallery in the member's section of my website - LolitaHaze.com)

Tell me about places like this that you have been to. Any hometown joints that are charming to you?


  1. you went to an amc car show and didn't photo a 1959 for me? My rosie is so sad!

  2. I really enjoyed your wkend post. Seems like a very sweet town. I live in NY so theres the typical tourist places but my husband and I like to walk around the city sometimes and just discover the little places people overlook-shops, cafes, art galleries...its always nice to just take where you are at and soak it all in! xox

  3. The apple place does look stupid :-P

    The more I learn about Perry, the more I am finding out that we're alike, haha.

    Were the chubby dogs as good as the dogs at Hanny's?

  4. I love the car pictures! I wish manufacturers would start to make cars as beautiful as those again. Sounds like you had a good weekend overall!

    x Gee

  5. CC... We did see a Rambler and even comments on Rosie. Next time I'll take a pic for her! :P

    Pinup Mama... I agree with you! There really isn't much from Kenosha on a daily basis, but it does seem like there weekends have been offering up some special events for everyone which is nice. I love NY. One of these days I will make it back there!

    Tayva... It was fun! Shut up! You and Perry can sit in the corner and bitch while me and the kids have fun. LOL Oh hahaha I forgot about Hanny's hotdogs. No they weren't that good. Close, but...

    Gee... I know what you mean! Cars were amazing and crafted back then!! Now the only time there is anything of beauty is when people trick out their cars! (which I love) I did have a great time. I wish more people could share the enjoyment with me.

  6. Lo, I am so glad you are having so much fun back in your home town - it looks like a good fit for you to be back there.

    As far as cool kitchy things to do here - in Portland there are many...I would not even know where to begin! However one of my favorite things to do every year is to go to the Flick on the Bricks, we have this place called Pioneer Court House Square (or just Pioneer Square for short) it is right in the middle of down town Portland across from the square it the old court house that was built back in the pioneer days and about 30 years ago the built the square it is open air and all made of brick and has all of these brick steps that are also kind of like stadium seats and the city will hold different events and festivals every year.

    So they have Flicks on the Bricks there mid July to mid Aug. (because that is when there is the least chance of rain) They put up a giant screen and play free movies and give out free popcorn. It is every Friday night at dusk, I usually go and see at least one movie a year. Sometimes I go with someone and sometimes a I go alone. It is now a yearly event for me...it is my third year now. The first year I saw Dirty Dancing, the next I saw 16 Candles and this year I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I love it, there are so many people that come it is like a big party with a bunch of strangers and everybody is in a good mood. Wow I think I should do a blog post about it!