Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Hour on Womens View Radio

This past Wednesday I was interviewed by Womens View Radio as their vintage guest. While there were many possible topics about my vintage lifestyle to talk about, it was Burlesque that seem to be what most of the time was spent on. I really enjoyed the interview and I can't wait until I am a guest on the show again. Also take note that other vintage lovelies such as Fleur de Guerre and Lisa Freemont have also been past guests!

You can listen to the entire hour long interview here.


  1. Wow I enjoyed That interview your so down to Earth your Great! :)

  2. You are stunning!!!! I LOVE your blog-its my faves in on my page! Check it out

    Keep doing what youre doing-its inspirational! xox

  3. YVG... Thanks. I just try to be honest at all times. A real person. I don't believe in creating a fasade. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

    PinupMama... Thank you Doll! You are too sweet! Going to go check out your blog!