Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make up Review: Pink Quartz Minerals Lipstick

This past Saturday I hosted the Miss Symco Pin-up Pageant at the Symco Shakedown. More on the show in a later post. As part of the swag bag there was lipstick from Pink Quartz Minerals. Pink Quartz Minerals is a vegan mineral cosmetic company out of Neenah, Wisconsin run by Doree Klassen. I thought it may be fun to do a review on the free goodie so that is just what I will be doing. Pink Quartz Minerals did not offer the lipstick for review, I am just doing it on my own. *After looking briefly on the site, it seems these were specially named and designed for the Pinup Contest*

I received the lipstick in the shade of "Rumble". Though the label is an orange red, the actual shade in tube is a pink red - a slight hair away from being a pure magenta pink. The visual consistency is thick opaque with darker mineral dots.

I wore this lipstick for a whole day to get a real feel for the lipstick. This lipstick is definitely an eco lipstick. The base wear is a vaseline texture, but not waxy. It felt a teeny tiny bit gritty to me at first, but that is because I am not used to natural makeups.

The color wears more like a stain than a lipstick. When applying the lipstick, it goes on very light, but with a few swipes across my lips I found it quickly got darker. It's not a pure opaque shade of pink, but rather a blushing color of the lips. It's more like a tinted moisturizer than a traditional lipstick. The nice thing however is that it is in stick form, so no dirty stained fingers and goopey outlines.

You will have to reapply semi often. Not for the texture, but for the color. It does fade, but when it does it is an even fade, so if you can't touch up right away, no worries. Due to the petrolium base, it does come off in eating and drinking, but the color is even when it comes off.

Suggested Use For:
I suggest this lipstick for girls that aren't comfortable with a traditional solid red, more natural vintage girls that just want to add color without looking made up, or for those casual days where even your favourite red lipstick looks too made up. Outdoor activities like camping, beach going, or hiking will be a great time to wear this as the lipstick will be moisturizing and the color will be just enough to keep you at your pinup pretty without looking like you are trying too hard. Being that it is a Vegan Mineral lipstick, I think Eco-Girls will like to try this as well.

7 of 10 stars
I like that it is a vegan product. I may be a fur wearing vintage gal, but I also believe every little bit helps. I like that even though it wears like a tinted moisturizer with stronger color, it isn't messy to apply like many tints and stains. I prefer solid mattes, so I would like it more if it was a traditional based lipstick that isn't glossy or chapstick-y and I would also like it if the color was stronger.


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the review. I was happy to supply the pin-up girls at Symco with my lipstick balm. I do not make true lipstick, I make lipstick balms which are mineral colors in my vegan lip balm formula, tweaked a little to make it more firm(to hold shape in the lipstick tubes). I only make vegan, no chemical added makeup and lip balms so the staying power of a regular lipstick is not there, but it is a fun and lip conditioning formula!

  2. I have to tell you... That it turned out to be my daily color! I wear it practically everyday when I am not quite so fancy vintage (just a sweater and skirt for example) but still want a pop of color. I ended up liking it and using it more than I imagined I would!