Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hot Pink Summer Fun with Arthelia's Attic

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Last Sunday bright and early Perry and I made our way to Lake Michigan to shoot the latest and hottest color of snood for Arthelia's Attic. I enjoy shooting photos for Naomi that illustrate the versatility of the product and not just pretty pictures of me. So I came up with the idea of shooting at the beach. Turns out that the beach is the perfect place to wear a snood!! Unless you are swimming, the snood is perfect for keeping your hair off your neck and keeping you cool on these hot summer days! Even better they still have you looking stylish and neater than just a ponytail. So for you gals out there that wonder how you can keep your vintage beauty while being active and enjoying life, a snood is the way to go! I know I am going to spend more time down at the beach and the snood will most certainly be part of my beach attire!

As you can see in the photos, I am wearing a snood in hot pink. Like the green that I modeled previously, the pink is another exciting color that gets one away from the traditional seen red and black (although I believe those should be a staple in the vintage wardrobe). The bright pop of color adds spontaneity and fun to your look and can only enhance your summer frocks! The wonderful thing about the hot pink is that it can be both dainty and edgy, so whether you like traditional vintage or modern interpretations of vintage, this color is amazing and will be perfect for you!

Once again I would like to thank the talented and ever beautiful Naomi Chambers of Arthelia's Attic! She has been a joy to work with and I can't thank her enough!

Now go and get yourself one of these snoods today! You can get them over at her etsy store here She has a wide range of colors to choose from and they are modestly priced too! As always her snoods are handcrafted in the USA! So for you Americans out there, remember shopping small businesses helps rebuild our economy and nation! As for the rest of the world, you get a wonderful product at a wonderful price! Could you ask for more? :)


  1. I just bought three more of Arthelia's Attic Snoods. I bought the green you were modeling a white, a red and well I already had black. You can see them one on my blog at at the Lounge for the Clear Lake Midwest Meet Up. I totally agree that they are great for hot days when you know your dew may fail it keeps the hair off your neck and you still look good.

  2. Oh yeah-just saw you on Etsy! You look fabulous!! Been meaning to get one-esp since I am tired of all my ponytails. This post was meant for me!!!! xox

  3. i love your modeling pictures!!!! they are sooo pretty!! the hot pink is super cute!!!! :D

  4. I bought a black and a brown one after your previous post and I love them! Very nicely made. There will be more bought!

  5. Living Vintage... I am so happy to see you had fun at the meetup! And you looked great in your snood! I am delighted you got more!

    Pinup Mama... Thanks!! I am telling you, you will love Naomi's snoods. I feel confident when I wear them. They are the little extra boost I need when I am feeling particularly lazy. Go get yourself one. :)

    Miss Amethyst... Thank you so much! I blame my photographer for making me look so good. Hehehehe

    Isis... Oh I am so happy! Aren't they just spectacular?!! I have found them to be perfect for everyday use as well as glaming up. Naomi does a woderful job!