Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stuff for sale!

Here are some fun things that I have for sale. Email me at if interested. Thanks.

Marilyn and Thunderbird figurine. $25 plus fair shipping.

Jungle Bettie figure. Crushed box but all parts should still be there. They look it anyway. $10 plus fair shipping.

Marilyn Monroe collector cards. More cards than are shown in the photo. I believe there are 2 different INCOMPLETE sets included. $10 plus fair shipping.

Indian bolo tie clip. SOLD

Interchangable "jewel" ring. Probably from the 80s. $5 plus fair shipping.

Mini wooden clogs. I am guessing these are a souvienier from Holland, but from when? I don't know. They could be from the 40s or the 80s. Your guess is as good as mine. $8 plus fair shipping.

Vintage cateye glasses with rhinestones. $50 plus fair shipping.

Vintage tin frog clicker from the 50s maybe. $5 plus fair shipping.


  1. I want the bolo tie. It's mine!!! Email me.

  2. i wish i lived in the states! i love the bettie page and the glasses (even thought they are very similar to the ones i already have lol)

  3. oh, i'm loving those glasses..!!!
    PS: thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Definitely love yours!