Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Night in the 40's Dance Review

Let me start off by saying that last Saturday was a most fantastic evening shared with my sweetheart and friends. I am so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people who love vintage such as I do.

From my last post you will know that I was "working" the event. Snapping up pictures and pretty much running from one side to the other and back. So there aren't many photos of me from the night.

Perry and I arrived later than I had planned. Almost 2 hours. I wanted to get there at the start of the night, but trying to finish up my dress in time and a napping Pierre didn't agree with me on our time of arrival.

A quick side note... I was unable to finish my dress, but had enough of it done that I could wear it as a tie top and safety pin the skirt closed. Hidden pins of course. So what you will see in the photos is the not yet finished dress. When it is complete, it will be a button up front and bowed detail at the closure of the skirt. I also had to battle static cling all night. Unfortunately I didn't realize the fabric would do this until we got to the event!

When we arrived I was mad hungry. I hadn't eaten a bite all day so I was looking forward to the bbq they were serving. I was pretty much Grumpy McGrumperson until I was finished eating. I ate so fast that I wanted another one right away! Thanksfully they were a bit pricey so I passed and that made the one just perfect and me not stuffed.

I got straight to work. Now event photography isn't my thing, so the photos will be less than spectacular. Now I am awful and didn't get the names of either group providing entertainment. I suppose I could look it up in the program, but ah, it is way over there and I am way over here. Hrmph. Anyway, the night's entertainment started out with a small band and 3 ladies singing. I didn't think about it at the time, but looking back I am a bit disappointed that they weren't more vintage. It doesn't always happen, but I think the entertainment should help set the mood for the evening visually as well as entertainimently. I snapped some photos of the crowd dancing and just took in what lay ahead of me.


Kathy Donald Jazz Ensemble

More sweet dancers

Perry remark how it was starting to get dark so we should take photos outside of the planes before it gets too dark. Well, it got super dark super quick so the outdoor shots didn't turn out, unfortunately. We did get a photo of me by a plane. I look pissy. Not sure why... I guess I wasn't up to playing "pinup" that night.

Me in front of Miss Murphy

Crowd shot

I ran into a good friend of mine who was here with his gal. She was off taking photos with people so we chatted a bit about "band issues" and parted ways. He looked quite handsome that evening! Around this time I noticed some more friends waiting in line to get their photo with Sentimental Journey so I snapped a few of them in line, before having to rush in to capture the costume contest.


Doc and Jodey

More people.

More people dancing.

Soldiers honored.

I really enjoy the costume contest. People showing off their finest finery. Jenny and Louis entered and I thought for sure tehy would make the end cut, but alas the top three were the Queen Mum and her beau in 3rd place, 3 sisters and a brother in 2nd, I thought they were so cute showing up together. Not the best examples of 40's wear, but at least they were dressed the part. And of course 1st place went to a little missy who desearved it most of all! Little Rosie the Riviter! Now normally, I scoff at kids who win, but she was so freaking adorable, happy, and boy was she working the crowd with her arm flex pose! So yeah, she was worth the win I think. :) There were a few in there that I thought got robbed for the final 3... Jenny and Louis naturally, the Brisitish Evacuies, and Indiana Jones and the evil guy. Here are some highlights!

Jenny and Louis.

Doctor Jones's parents.


Cute couple.

Joyce and her husband. We at Hollywod Regency outfitted her head to toe!




3 sisters and a brother.


indiana Jones and the Baddie



Plenty of kisses all around!

After the costume contest, Pierre and I made our way out to the plane to get our photo by Sentimental Journey. The line was long so he and I proved to be quite entertaining with our "Honeymooners" style bickering. We took the photos and wha-la...

My beau and me!

I took more photos throughout the night of people dancing and it was during this time our group met up with 2 AZ Ghostbusters. No they weren't hear to blast the ghosts of the past, one was in uniform and the other was Indiana Jones. We all became quite friendly with one another and had a great time getting to know each otehr. I also met Dixon Cannon from the Fedorka Lounge that everyone else knew from previous years, but I had yet to meet. It was at this time I got the crazy idea to have us girls pose around Indy in a Conan the Barbarian sort of way. To my surprise all 3 of the girls went for it! I knew Jenny would, but I was a bt worried about Jodey and Max. We decided to do practice shots inside and then do it again out at the plane. Our group also wanted to do one nice one of just us, so we planned on that too. I had to shoot the dance contest when they annouced last call for photos by the S Journey. Oh no! I have 15 mins to the dance contest... I asked/told Doc to run out and see if they could hold it. I knew the linewould be too long and I would miss the dance contest, but I wasn't sure if the line was long enough for the dance contest.


Time for the dance contest. It was broken up in 2 categories, 41+ and 18-40. Earlier Perry pointed out that because of this, we couldn't dance together if we wanted. Hahahaha. The more respected generation went first. It was a clear winner. 2 folks who are always a hit at the swing dances won because they like to shake it! Congratulations! The less experience group, went next. Another clear winner!! A married couple who just started dancing in the last 2 years were doing aerials and really wowing the crowd! It was so much fun to watch! Boy, swing dancing is a hard hard thing to photograph!! Congratulations to all the winners!

Dance Contest and Winners!

Now it was time to zip out for photos. It was originally intended for just our group of friends to be in the first shot, but we like Dixon Cannon and Indiana Jones so much that we were more than happy to have them in the photo with us!! It was a tight tight tight squeeze to get us all on the platform but some how we managed to! Then it was time for Indy to get his girls! What a blast! Poor him, he had to stand there with all of us wrapped around him while the photographer set up shot. Hah! What fun!

It was the end of the night and Perry and I managed to squeeze in a third dance with each other. Thank goodness I got to steal kisses too! They were closing down shop, so we all said good night and was on our ways home.

It is such a magical experience. I can't believe it is only once a year! It makes me want to host one of my own dances! So until next year!


  1. looked like a great time!

  2. You 2 are a wonderful couple! You look amazing! Who would have known your dress wasn't finished! You look amazing!

  3. adorable post, really enjoyed reading ! xx

  4. Wow, even though your dress wan't finished it still looks amazing!
    What a fun night you had, the Indy shot is very funny!

  5. Love the photo of you and your man by the plane!!!

  6. You look stunning! And your hair is perfect. I'm jealous of your amazing night. :)

  7. Great night with GREAT friends and it shows from the photos! GOOD WORK miss haze. :)


  8. great pictures. You looked AMAZING. Seriously, jaw droppingly GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Looking fab Miss Haze ! I think I will have to put this event on my calendar for next year.

  10. Niki... I did! We did! It was such a great night. It is such a shame it only happens once a year! :(

    Miss B... Thank you kindly! He definitley brings out the best in me! Worst if you ask him, but I say best! Hahahah! I am glad that the dressed looked "done". I was afraid it would only look done to me, but everyone else would think it was eh...

    Miss Matilda... Thank you. I wonder if posts like this are ever too long, but it was such a great night I wanted to share with everyone what it was like... even with the photos. So much should be shared when it comes to nights like that. I also wonder if people really care or if they are more interested in just shots of me, you know? I mean people are reading my blog so it would make sense to make it about me. But I couldn't limit it to just me... not this time. Maybe my next few posts! LOL

    Stefanie V... Thank you. I should really work on finishing it this week while I have time. Otherwise it will sit in the "have to finish" pile. I have to admit... having Indy be that cute and charming didn't hurt none! Hah!

    Dizzy D... He looks hot... I look goofy in that one. Hahahah Just that is usually how it is! Damn him!

    Della... It was a wonderful night! I wish everyone everyehere could have nights like these! Thank you. I wasn't all that happy with my hair. :(

    Dr. Jones... Thanks Dr! It was great seeing you and meeting your parents. It was a wonderful time for all!

    BVV... Thank you! I really wasn't all that happy with my hair. I wanted something a bit more glamourous and less "Blondie". The comic strip not the band! LOL

    Jaede... Thank you sweetheart!! You should! It is so much fun and you can crash at my place! It is always around St Patricks Day or late March. Keep it in mind for sure!