Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Night in the 40's Dance

Every year here in Phoenix (actually Mesa) the The Arizona Wing holds a USO style dance and show at the Arizona Wing CAF Museum. I have only been one other time a few years ago and had a blast! Due to being po' ass broke, I have been unable to go the last couple of years. Well, thankfully that has changed this year!

The only down side is that even though I have wanted to go, I didn't know if I would be able to, so I didn't plan an outfit. It's times like these I think I am Supergirl and can create anything in a less than timely manner. That is right... I got a feather in my bum and have decided I am going to try and make a gown for the evening. Not a dress... but a gown. Not only that, but the gown I have in mind... well I have NO pattern for it nor do I have anything similar... so... I will be making it up as I go! Plus... I have less than 2 days to make this creation!

Last time I went I made a dress as well. I wanted it to be an every day style dress and was quite happy with the way it turned out considering I was just beginning to sew and was just beginning to sew using vintage patterns. I actually combined 2 patterns to make my blue and yellow dress.

This year I think I want to go movie star glam! I want to do a 2 piece similar to this one Rita Hayworth is wearing. I say similar, because I don't want people to expect a replica in design. I just know I want a 2 piece gown with a long skirt.

I stopped in SAS yesterday and found this great material that to me, looks like it could be a 40's rayon print. I know it isn't and quite honestly I am not that familiar with fabrics and prints of the decades. While I am pretty good at being able to date clothing and prints, I am by no means an expert.

I will also be working the event... as photographer. I am going to take a gander at playing paparazzi!! I think this will be more fun than I can imagine being now I really get to take in the whole event and really see everything everyone has to offer that night! As fun as it is when you go with friends, one tends to socialize and stay in close quarters with one another. This way I get to mingle with everyone and observe what they are wearing and what they are doing! So excited!! Last time I went I ended up missing a bunch of the show (through no one's fault but my own) so this time I am forced to pay attention!

I think I am looking most forward to the dance contest and the costume contest! I love it when people really put in thought to what they are wearing! It is so much fun to see everyone dressed up, but mostly to see them having fun! I am only hoping that I can step away from shooting for a moment or two and catch a dance with my beau! Oh and to be able to get my photo taken with him by the Sentimental Journey!

I better stop babbling on here and get to work!


  1. sounds fab hunny and your outfit is a dream xx

  2. Miss Matilda... If it turns out even half as well as I hope, I'll be happy!

  3. wow, sounds like it will be an amazing event. Can't wait to see the STUNNING Rita inspired gown!

  4. BVonV... I do this to myself all the time. I really do think I can do things that I honestly can't! Like sing! This will be a perfect example of my trying to do something on the fly! I will probably fail miserably, but so long as I have fun doing it...

  5. HOW FUN!!
    btw. I wish we lived closer too, I don't have many vintage friends up here.. and it drives me mad! your a doll.

  6. Dizzy... Thank goodness for the internet! I'll what I can get! Hah!

  7. We don't get anything like this event here in Florida-I envy you getting to go! Good luck on the outfit!

  8. Have a fab time Lo - you deserve it! I can not wait to see your dress when you are done.

  9. I hope you post pictures from the event. Fashion+dancing= Pure joy!

  10. Sounds like an amazing time! Great blog, I really love it!

  11. How did the dress come out? The inspiration is great!

  12. I ADORE the two piece outfit too. Alas, after three children I do not think my belly will ever see the light of day. But they are lovely on other people! :)

  13. Tayva... Unfortunately I had to battle static cling all night! I was unaware the material would do this until I got there! Oy!

    Leslie Ann... I say start one of your own! Start out with just your friends and by next year after word gets out, you'll see it grow like wild fire!

    Brooksie... Thanks! It was a wonderful night! The photos from the night will show my dress almost done! LOL I ran out of time and had to wear the top as a tie top and not a button up like I wanted. Oops!

    Miss Matilda... Thank you Darling! I had such a wonderful time! It was nothing but joy that night!

    Vintage Dancer... Yes, there will be photos! :-D

    Francy... Thanks for stoipping by. I will be posting photos from the evening soon.

    Della... Well... I ended up changing the design completely. Now the top will be a button up front. I say will be, because I was unable to complete it in time and wore it as a tie top instead.

    jewlover2... After seeing some photos from the evening... my gut shouldn't see the light of day either! Hah! And I can't even blame it on children!! Here I thought the high waist would hide it. Diet starts (again) tomorrow! LOL

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