Monday, March 8, 2010

7th Ave Street Fair

I wish I could make a better post about the street fair, but honestly I was working during it. Hahaha As I joked, I was walking the street that day. Zinnias at Melrose just opened up and so I walked up and down and up and down and up and down carrying a sign announcing the opening. I was hoping that I could jitterbug while The Jump Back Brothers were playing, but no such luck. It was, however, nice running into a bunch of friends that day; Kitten Von Hardy, Mark, Ardith and hubby, Terri and family, Rory, Lacretia (I butchered the spelling)...

I hope Ardith doesn't mind me stealing this photo she took of me while at the fair. You can find her blog over at Big Beautiful Vintage

Here are a couple taken with my camera.

Me with my girls.

PS. Don't you just love Jenny's blue dress? It has white stars all over it! I love her dress!!!

Me with The Brothers


  1. I really like your blog I just found it while look at another one oh and her dress is simple marvelous!!

  2. I want to steal Jenny's dress promptly.

  3. Looks like a swell time. I love your hat and dress.

  4. Her dress is stunning as well as the light blue one with the peter pan collar your other friend is wearing.

    Your outfit couldnt be more adorable, I need to see more photos of that hat its darling.


  5. You are all looking fab, Hey are you getting warm weather there ? I'm still freezing in Vegas ! I will be in Phoenix in May, you will have to tell me all the best places to shop, or better yet show me!! xxx

  6. Stein Doll... Thanks. I hope you stick around for awhile! Off to look at yours!

    Tayva... You and me both!

    Vivian... Thanks. It was a great day. My back was killing me that night and the next day for sure!

    Darla... Yes, CC is always darling and has the greatest dresses! I love that hat! I have had my eye on it since I wore it on TV last year!

    Jaede... The warmer weather is definitely here, but it is taking a break and raining like mad! We have had more rain in the first 3 months than all of last year combined! It should be gone by May though. Oh yes... I will definitely take you around shopping! How long will you be here? We can do lots of things, so long as I don't have to work.

  7. You have such stylish friends, you all look gorgeous!

  8. ah such a sweet picture of you with the boys! I love it!

  9. Stefanie... I love being surrounded by beautiful people!

    CC... I love them men!