Thursday, June 25, 2009

Precode Kiss

I am watching Platinum Blonde for the first time while typing this. I just watched a wonderfully sexy kissing scene in the movie. There are many reasons why I enjoy this kiss. The waterfall slightly conceals and distorts the silhouettes of Jean and her leading man as they embrace, but clearly shows them in a lip lock. The kiss isn't the hard lip puckered kiss we are far to familiar with with classic films, but at the same time isn't sloppy and violent with head turns and tongue twirls. Perhaps the sexiest part of the scene is before the kiss, when Jean holds his head close to her in her braless bosom. The whole moment seemed genuine and natural. I could feel myself in the same moment.

Watch the scene here... brought to you by Youtube. The specific part of the scene I refer to starts at just after 1 min into the duration.
Behind the Waterfall

Oh my... the whole couch scene just now. So familiar...
The code ruined movies...


  1. I love Platinum Blonde! So many fabulous scenes and Jean Harlow is fantastic of course.

  2. Yes... I really enjoyed this one. Now if I can just get my guy to sit through it without mocking it. Hah!