Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A moment in vanity.

Met up with Perry before work last week and got a few shots for fun. It was my first time working with him so I pretty much felt like a goon. This was a very very very informal shoot with him. I actually can't wait til we do real stuff...

All photos 2009 La Fine Photography


  1. The second photo is simply stunning. ♥

  2. Stop being so damned cute, you chippie!

  3. Wonderful photoshoot and you are gorgeous! Your hair is to die for as well!!

    Great to see you back and posting! I missed it!

  4. Oooh, vanity indeed! I love your hair, and the dress, and that pic with the lipstick napkin is TOO cute.

  5. You are soo truly beautiful! And i deeply envy your hair! Gorgeous.
    Those are some sexy shoes too! :D

  6. Darla... Thank you. :-D

    Red... Hahahah I can't help being cute. Especially with the photographer I have.

    Anonymous... Thank you so much. I admit, my hair is my pride. My one real vanity. Hehehe. I am glad you are enjoying this blog. I will try to post more and more.

    Nikki... Thanks, Lady! I wish I had made the kissy mark more perfect, but it was a candid shot and not planned on at all. :-D

    Ellette... Thanks so much. Those shoes are weird, I will wear the heck out of them and then not wear them again for a year and then wear them again and then not. LOL