Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hair Chronicles

Inspired by the late 30's and beautiful All American Girls like the Lane Sisters and Carole Landis.


  1. Gorgeous I love your curls, did you use rollers or pin curls. Just lovely! ♥

  2. I adore your hair, makes me wish I was blond again ;)


  3. DDP... Hey thanks! I actually like to use plastic perm rods. The peach colored ones are probably my favourite size to use. The purple ones follow close behind.

    solanah... Thanks! Go back to blonde! The world needs more blondes! :-D

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Your hair reminds me of the way my granny's did in the 40s, so deeply feminine and full of angelic curls.

    Wishing you a gorgoeus weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Jessica... Thank you and I hope your weekend is wonderful as well. I love hearing things like that about reminding you of your Granny's hair... it adds authenticity to the style! :-D