Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vintage 1989 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was the first movie that my best friend at the time, Devin Booth and I were allowed to go to alone in the theatre. It was a different world back in 89. Our parents just dropped us off at the theatre and picked us up afterwards. We were 10. After her and I saw this flick we decided that Bill was my boyfriend and Ted was her's and we were happy that way. I believe we saw that movie a good many times in the theatre.

So that movie has ALWAYS held a special place in my heart.

Fast Forward 20 years. Oh god 20 years!!! My friend Jodey and I decide we want to cosplay Bill and Ted for PHXCC09. Turns out it was almost destiny as this movie meant so much to her as a youngin as well and helped fuel her future as a historian. Not to mention that growing up, her friend's "boyfriend" was Bill and her's was Ted. It was perfect! I would be Bill and She would be Ted.

Cosplaying the boys turned out to be most excellent! In fact, our good friend, Doc got in on the action and played Rufus for the outing.

But this post is no good without photos so here you go:


  1. You "guys" look MOST excellent!! Love it! Now I totally wanna go rent this and watch it again tonight!

  2. Bwahahahah, that's amazing - you do look like them too!!! Me and my friend were obsessed wtih that film too. We actually decided we were Bill & Ted. I was Ted...!

  3. Bad ass. nothing but smiles on my face when I saw your guys picture. I love Bill and Ted's,Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite actors. Good JOb !

  4. Oh I love that movie, and I absolutely adore that you cosplayed it, too! Absolute greatness!

  5. Oh, I love that movie, and I absolutely adore that you cosplayed it!