Friday, January 30, 2009

Going to Hell

You know... there are just certain things that delight you to no end and for some reason it makes you feel evil. Well this 2 part video is one of my guilty pleasure. It makes me giggle like a preteen at a Jonas Brothers concert (or for my time, a New Kids on the Block concert) (or even more retro a Jackson 5 concert) (Monkees concert) (Ricky Nelson??)


  1. Wow. I'm laughing, I'm grossed out and kinda disturbed!

  2. Hahaha I know... it is so sick and wrong... especially when they show you the bloody pad! Hahaha!!

  3. What the hell was that???!!! :-O That is enough to make me appreciate my mother telling me absolutely nothing.

  4. Am I the only wondering if the little girl possibly has downs? Was this film made for children with downs, because if other children were watching I'm afraid they'd be making fun of the little girl instead of focusing on the "period" part...
    Having a dad in these films always creeps me out, ugh!
    *opening between my legs* gaaahhh! LOL!