Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hair Inspiration : Carole Lombard

Last night for New Year's my friends and myself headed to the Copper Door. They were having a WWII USO themed night. Having a new hair cut I wanted to try out a 30's style. Carole Lombard became my inspiration for the evening. Due to my hair being thicker than hers and a bit longer, it doesn't look like an exact replica of style. Plus, I had been brushing my hair all day and the shorter chin length curls now looked like just past the chin waves. Also, I think I came off a bit more like later Norma Jeane than Carole Lombard... my guess is that it is the thickness again. Looks like I will have to keep working on my 30's styles versus my late 40's...


  1. Yeah, it's the thickness. I've tried that same style and it ends up looking exactly like yours. Nothing wrong with that, though... looks pretty damn good! I just wish my styles would stay in as well as yours do.
    Wait, what are you using in your hair again?
    I've been using this humidity proof mousse and this other ish that is supposed to be for frizzy hair. Worked good a couple of times, but crap after that. This is on a wet set, btw...

  2. How did you figure out how to do your hair? Im wanting to do retro styles but I dont know how.

  3. Tayva... Thanks. Yeah... I figured it was the thickness. C Lombard looks like she has super thin hair. Carol Landis on the other hand looks like she has thick hair too. I don't know why your hair won't stay. I need to try some sort of anti humidity... especially anywhere that isn't Phoenix.

    TheRetroHousewife... I didn't really learn how to do my hair through tutorials or anything. I just looked at a lot of photos and would concentrate on one particular look I liked and then try to figure out how to make my hair look that way. Sometimes I would happen upon happy accidents, other times I would learn from horrible failures.

    One thing that really helped me was to see Vienna La Rouge prior to a show and seeing what she used in her hair. She used bendable rods. I use those if I want softer waves, but to get my hair curly curly that holds, I have to use the hard plastic perming rods. I am lucky enough that I can handle sleeping in them and wearing them throughout the day if need be in order to get them to set fully.

    While basic techniques are a good start, I found that the best things that work for my hair are my own techniques and patience. For example, I would love to be able to set my hair in pincurls so I can wrap a do-rag around my head and head out for the day. But I can't do pincurls because my hair is too thick and doesn't set right. So I have to wear the perming rods instead. Some folk can get away with pincurls. Another thing for me is that because of my thickness, when I do rolls, I don't need to rat my hair or use rats. My hair provides its own body. But the thickness isn't always good... fingerwaves are difficult for me because the hair weighs down the waves and certain 30's styles are far too poofy at times.

    Just take time and see what works for your hair.

    Sorry I can't be much help here... I was never really "taught" how to do hair, I just try to copy it or fake it. :)

  4. Look into mousse, seriously. I have one that is not crunchy/sticky that claims to resist humidity and holds the style for 24 hours. I think it's that Got2B brand... Styletini?
    Can't remember. I actually just recalled that I have this stuff! I don't style my hair much these days...