Monday, January 5, 2009

Performance video

I don't know how long I will keep this entry up. It is video of me performing my One Mint Julep act at the Bob Log III show Jan 4th at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, AZ. I really wasn't feeling it that night, but had a great time anyway.

If you have never seen Bob Log... you really should! He is fantastic!!


  1. I just watched this on your Myspace! I love it! can't wait to perform with you in Feb!

  2. You go! You are so much braver than I am lol. You know, Ive watched Dita Von Teese on You Tube and I love her to death but you really held my attention better that she did. I think you will go far in your business!

  3. DimeADance... Thank you! I am really excited about NM. I warn you though... prepare for Shitaki Mushrooms when RiRi and I get together. Ask her what I mean by Shitaki Mushrooms! Hah!

    RetroHousewife... That is a really nice thing to say!! I appreciate that so much and feel humbled. Now all I need is her costume and prop budget an I'd be set!

  4. Ha, fuckin' great tunes... you did well! I have some great instrumentals that I need to turn you on to.
    Oh, Bob Log III. Music not my cup of tea, but he's such a weirdo, you can't help but NOT like him!

  5. Lookin' might fine Mizzzz Hazzzze!
    Happy New Year sweetie!
    Love your Lombard do, perfect... and great gifts you got. I LOL at your dead boyfriend colletion..heeee...