Friday, February 21, 2014

Pretty Little Things

A couple of weeks ago, I acquired a small bounty of Pretty Little Things! A couple came from an estate sale, but most came in my belated Birthday package from my Mommie Dearest.

A suitcase full of Pretty Little Things! (Not shown the sewing notions my Mom sent me.) Click on any photo to enlarge.

Sometimes it is the stupidest things that bring you the most excitement. For me it was the plastic glove dryers that aid in the washing and drying of your hand gloves! I picked these up at an estate sale and thought of the MANY gloves I have, but fail to wear as often as I should! It's one of those needless things that I really don't need right now, but I just had to have them!!

Two more delightful treats I bought at the estate sale were the pink and blue silk scarf (as seen in the suitcase picture) and the rhinestone clip on earrings. I think I buy rhinestone earrings like others do bakelite bracelets! I have a decent size collection. Not as massive as some people have, but enough that  each time I pick up a new pair I ask myself, do I really need yet another pair? The answer is always yes.

Speaking of stupid things that make you the happiest. There were two things out of the entire box of goods that my Mom sent me that were my favourites! Firstly and sadly has no picture, is a vintage (60s?) Tassel Maker in package! I knew when she picked this up she giggled to herself. While it is meant for decorative tassels I know she thought I could use it for my boobie tassels! I really love that my Mom is supportive of my Burlesque career. There are many others who don't have that blessing. That however is another post entirely! The second thing that I loved the most was the novelty Ouiji Board tin for mints! The witchy side of me just hearts the spooky and macabre things in life so this trinket put a smile on my face! I think I want to keep fresh mints and gum in it and stash it in my Burlesque bag for performance nights when I mingle with the guests! I am notorious for being without gum/mints and it just increases my paranoia of bad breath! 

You can also see the two slips she sent me, one in pink lace and one in black lace. I want to keep both, but I think the black one may be too long as it is a 50s/60s era slip. I may have to sell it. We'll see.

So what is that pretty little leopard print thing you see? Why it is a powder puff of course! Yes, now I can puff my powder with the most glamorous pats. 

Because I am the Vintage Starlet, my Mom likes to send me vintage glamour related kitsch. In this case these note cards. While you can't see it in this picture, she sent me a note pad that says, "I'm too busy being fabulous for this to do list." I think that is why I have a terminal case of the lazies. It's all because of my affliction of fabulousness! You can see the note pad a bit better in the suitcase picture above.

I have to admit... the huge box she sent me was mostly treats for my boys, Bonzai and Samurai. She loves those shibas and they love their Nana. She sent me this frame which says, "Your Little Boys". I am now trying to figure out how to set up a photo shoot with my cheepo cheepos! 

Some other little trinkets she picked up for me are these two thimbles which you can't see very well. One has a leave design all around with a hinged thatched roof that flips open to reveal the top of the thimble. The other is a simple floral etched design. I cannot make out the marks on either and I don't know much about thimbles, but I will happily add them to my sewing notions collection. Lastly, this little gold pin with rhinestone center. A simple, but elegant way to add a little sparkle to your outfit.

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the bag of sewing notions that she sent me. There are some pretty ribbon and crocheted lace that I hope to use on future sewing projects. She also sent me a sewing book from the 60s and tracing papers which I will use most definitely!

If you made it this far, I want to say thank you for taking the time to share with me my newest treasures.  Some are silly and fun and some are real gems, but all of them are loved.

Now that I showed you mine, how about showing or telling me yours! I'd love to see or read about the newest Pretty Little Things that you all have gotten lately!


  1. such fun stuff! interesting, isn't it, how the smallest things can brighten our days!

    1. It's true. And each time I use or look at these little things it still puts a smile on my face.

  2. Such pretty items, and such thoughtful gifts from your mum :)

    1. She is such a good gift giver. I am horrible at it!

  3. The best moms know to collect all the odds and ends for their daughters, all the little stuff that says, "I need to live at Lolita's house!" I'm digging that ouija tin!

    1. Isn't that tin the best? I am looking forward to being able to unpack my sewing goods and get back to sewing! Actually use the goodies my Mom sends me.