Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Special Something from Somethin' Special

I have to say that this post is long over due! You see, all my excitement about this post started way back in November! 

When my favourite small business of sweet smelling goodies was having contest to win a small sample of EVERY SINGLE ONE of their scents I knew I had to enter!! I don't normally enter contests because I never win, but this time I am glad I did as I won!!

Sue Faunt is the owner/maker/awesome lady that runs Somethin' Special. I have purchased goodies from her previously and I am always happy with the products and service she provides. My favourite thing to buy from her store are her soy tarts. In the past I have bought a small handful of tarts from her in various scents, but as a general rule I'd always have her Toffee Sugar Crunch on hand. Now, Sue will never admit it, but I think she puts some bewitching powers in her tarts along with the great scents. Every time I decide to warm the soy tarts I go into a cleaning frenzy! I don't know what it is, but the delicious fragrances that fill the house suddenly make me want to clean the house from top to bottom. Talk about a fantastic motivator!

With over 200 different scents she offers, this was a great contest to win!! You can imagine my delight when I received the email saying that I had won!! I really couldn't believe it. I received my package very quickly and took to smelling the vials almost immediately. I thought for sure I would be able to breeze through all the scents, but it actually took me a few days to smell each and every one! There were so many scents it was quite overwhelming. I knew I wanted to try to make a blog post about this win with the basis of a "Top 10 Scents", however that proved to be very difficult! It took me many elimination processes to narrow it down and even then I could only get it down to 14! I think of the 200+ scents I was sent, there were only 2 that I didn't like in the slightest, a small handful that I didn't think were that great, but I didn't hate them, however most were a sheer pleasure to my senses!

There really is a scent for everyone in her shop! There are sweet/candy scents (my personal favourites), food, pine, Earthy, floral, cologne/perfumes, sea fair, holiday, fresh and clean, strong, light, and for your vanilla lovers -- so many varieties of vanilla!! She has great dupes of your favourite scents out there as well! There are many more scents, but you get the idea!

I'd like to share with you my Top 14 scents from Somethin' Special. In no particular order...

The best part about having all these great scents is now I know what I want to order for whatever mood I am in! I don't want to use up all my fragrances by using them creatively, though I easily could, I like to have my own little scent sample reference section. 

However, there are a couple of ways I do enjoy using them sparingly (until I order more product or fragrance). Being that I live alone and spend most of my time at home with just my dogs and no one to impress, I anoint a little bit of the oil on my pulse points just so that I can get ninja whiffs of the sweet yummy goodness! Its just the right hint of scent for yourself without being overwhelming like a perfume. Especially when you are alone. My other favorite way to use the oil I found out by complete accident. I took a small bottle that I had previously added the oil to to use as a spritzer for the air and didn't wash it out before I added my setting lotion mixture into it to travel to BurlyCon with. This added a great scent to setting lotion and mentally made me feel even more feminine/pretty when I would set my pin curls! So now I add a touch of scented oil to the bottle every time I refill my setting lotion spray. It's the small things that make me happy I tell you!

Please check out Somethin' Special! You can also find her on Etsy and you can read more about her and her goods on her blog! If you enjoy supporting small businesses this is a great one to support! Since we all enjoy community, when you order, please tell Sue you found her through me, Lolita Haze and this blog, Vintage Starlet! Thanks everyone!


  1. What fun! Congratulations on winning. I find it so neat that you used it with your setting lotion. I just might have to try that sometime, perfumed hair!

    1. Thank you! I can't say how long the scent stays in your hair but it does make the setting process just that much more enjoyable!