Monday, March 18, 2013

Betty Grable hair : Pin Up Girl

Knowing that today I had the day off, I searched the net last night for hair inspiration. I knew I want to practice my pin curling so I set off looking for sets. Instead I happened upon this picture of Betty Grable. It is from the movie Pin Up Girl (1944). I have never seen the movie so I only had this picture to go by. I decided on this style because I knew on my day off with no where to go, I'd like to have my hair in a ponytail and from the looks of this picture, it was just that!

Right off the bat I was afraid my bangs (fringe) would be too long and the rest of my hair too short, but I thought what the hell I will try for it anyway. So I looked at the style and tried to figure out what to pin curl and where and what to just simply put in rods. I originally wanted to do everything in pin curls, but quickly gave up that idea.

With a combination of pin curls and rods I put my satin hair cap on and went to bed. I picked this cap up at an estate sale for 50 cents and it has turned out to be a wonderful styling aid when sleeping. The satin slips and slides like satin pillow sheets and doesn't pull at the clips keeping everything pretty much where it started.

So first thing after waking up and letting out the dogs I set out to take out the set and style my do. Sure enough, I was right, my bangs were too long and my hair was too short. Being that my bangs are too long, the pin curls didn't form properly and the wave wasn't hitting at the right part. Plus the curl at the ends didn't flick correctly so I actually had to roll my bangs under creating a rolled faux bang in order to shorten then. Which caused a problem with the esthetics of it. So what I had to do after doing the side rolls and the front fringe curls was to reshape the bang part, I forced a S wave on top and a deep wave at the front with clips and combs and let it set for 20 mins. I then combed and shaped the main bang to what you see. By this time I was so over this style so I just called it a day.

There you have it. My Betty Grable Pin Up Girl hair done on the first and a half time with bangs too long and hair too short.

What do you all think?

Have you all been playing around and experimenting with your hair lately?


  1. Oh! What a fabulous hairstyle!!! It looks super cute on you! Now I want to see the movie. I'm off to see if I can find it somewhere!

  2. It looks awesome! I think you did a spectacular job lady!

  3. Utterly and completely darling! Love this hairstyle and how very much you resemble dear Miss Gable here. Gorgeous!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Spot on! You look lovely as always!

  5. Wow, you did a great job! I actually like your S wave bangs better than the original. You can watch the full movie on youtube BTW: - I think Pinup Girl is well worth watching. The plot isn't all that thrilling (it's a musical comedy) but besides loads and loads of outfit and hair inspiration the dance scenes are just incredible.

  6. Wow !!!!!! You look amazing you replicated this look perfectly. It is one of my favourite hairstyles from Betty Grable! I will try this look out for sure although it looks tricky!