Monday, April 1, 2013

HOTD Easter Sunday

Yesterday was lovely. I spent the evening having dinner with Perry. Since it was also Viva weekend that we were obviously not attending, we decided to watch Viva Las Vegas with Elvis and Ann Margret.

I only had time to set my hair for a couple of hours so I decided to do a loose wave set with a high arching front. I was afraid with only 2 hours my hair would fall straight, but thankfully a nice wave formed and with a little bit of hairspray my hair was set.

My outfit was a blouse I made last year from a 40s pattern and vintage fabric given to me. My slacks were my good ol pair that I made years ago from a 40s pattern. A simple outfit. Nothing fancy, but with spring trying so hard to get out from under the covers of winter, I just had to have something light and bright to wear. Being that it was just spending time with Perry, there was no need to get Easter dressed up.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!



  1. Love the hair. It turned out rather lovely.

  2. The hair looks really lovely, I like the softer waves on you. I have been really bad at maintaining vintage hairstyles - pinning a few bits out of the way has been the closest I've come to doing a 'style' recently. Mind you, it's so cold I'm wearing a hat everyday so it doesn't really show!!

    Happy Easter to you too

    P x

  3. Your hair looks wonderful!!