Thursday, June 30, 2011

BIG 1940's Hair

To tell you the truth, I am not so much of a fan of this style of hair. You know, the big mass of rolls and waves on the head. You see it a lot in movies from the 40's. It looks a bit like helmets to me. There was one time that I loved it... Back when I was first getting into vintage and anything and all vintage was perfection, I admired the styles. Now that my style is a bit more refined I realize not all was pretty in the 40's. There were some AWFUL styles.

In these pictures some are better than others, but I just used these pics to illustrate what I mean whenever I say BIG UGLY 40's HAIR.

Now the kicker... I am pretty damn good at self styling these do's. Perhaps having hair made from cotton candy and pipe cleaners help, but seriously... I do a pretty good job at creating these styles. I am not perfect and I have to polish my techniques, but it's doable. Even though I hate these styles and they are not flattering for me, I have to say I have a sense of accomplishment when getting these styles. Hooray for me for creating good ugly hair! Hah!


  1. Wow you nailed it! Although you could never look bad
    I have to admit I love some of the hair pictured above. I have baby fine hair so it doesn't do anything but hang so maybe it's just hair envy

  2. ha ha ha this made me laugh, I'm not a fan either but I could do these styles so easily as I have stupidly thick hair so these would be a doddle!

    I think you look kinda cute actually!

  3. I think you look cute too!

    But that one of BG with a crazy frankfurter roll,
    I really detest that one. So I did grin at that one!

  4. Your hair definitely matches up to theirs! Lovely!

  5. the bigger the hair, the closer to god. or something ;)

    what the HELL is going on with Betty Grable's hair in that 7th picture?

  6. I think most of those hair examples are fabulous but I admit that a few are just absolutely eugh! Yours, however, looks great! I have fine hair but lots of it so in order for me to have anything that looks remotely close to "big 'ol 40s hair," I need lots of backcombing and hairspray!

  7. I love it! This was amusing and it actually looks amazing. So there! x

  8. I think that looks amazing!! I agree some of the hairstyles are a little crazy... but the one you've crafted is great! I can never get that wavy effect in my fringe, just won't happen.. :(

  9. I saw this post and agree some styles were a bit to big, But I think you look nice with the hair-do =)

    For The Vintage Fashionista

  10. I would love to see a tutorial on how you do this. I don't think I'd look very good with a style like that, but I'd still like to see how you created it!

  11. BoPeep... I am pretty sure you don't! Especially with how lovely your hair already is!

    Trixie... I am thinking about doing a tutorial, perhaps you can use my techniques as a jumping board and add back combing or the like to your hair to acheive a similar look?

    STM... That is exactly why I was able to do it so nicely... this blasted thick ass hair! You should do a style like ths too for funzies!

    Miss Matilda... Thank you! I know! When I saw that one I even gasped a little more than usual! Fire that hair stylist immediately!!

    Celia Rose... Thank you. I am thinking this is a photoshoot only style. :)

    Shrinky Inky... Hahaha God will strike me dead if I tried to get closer. :) Betty Grable and Ann Sheridan seem to be the biggest big hair offenders!

    Tara... That is the hardest thing for me when I do tutorials, I do it according to my hair type. So I am renaming my "How To's" to "How I Do's"! Thinking about doing a tutorial on this style. Perhaps you can continue on after mine with the back combing portion of the How I Do!

    Ruthy... Hahah Thanks! I completely agree. I was kinda pissed off (in a ha ha kind of way) at just how well it turned out! :)

    Lina Sofia... A tutorial was requested, so I am going to look into doing that. Perhaps my "How I Do" (instead of How To) will help aid you in getting your own hair to create a similar style. :)

    Hep~Kitten... You are sweet! I think I may do this style again, but only for a photoshoot. The beau gets the final rule and he says ick. :) He's not a fan of big 40's hair either. LOL

    Amanda Awesome... It's actually fairly easy. It's just a long setting time. I will see what I can do in way of a tutorial. :)