Monday, June 27, 2011

Fiesta Time with Arthelia's Attic!

You cannot believe how happy I was when Naomi Chambers of Arthelia's Attic sent me two more snoods to showcase for her. I heart her for being gracious and allowing me to model her beautiful snoods.

One of the shoots will still be coming but in the meantime let me tell you about this shoot for her Sage Green Snood. I was a bit worried at first because I don't have anything green in my wardrobe! I thought about accenting the snood to something I did have. While thumbing through my closet looking for something that would work, I came across this peasent top that I had forgotten I had. It had a lovely green band across the front that matched perfectly to the snood!

Well that took care of the top, now what about the bottoms? I wasn't so particular about teh bottoms as it was a snood shoot -- meaning bust up, so once again thumbing through my closet I came across a full tiered skirt in bright yellow! I wasn't quite sure it matched, but what does it matter, it covers my butt and the photos ae of my head.

However putting this together this mess of an outfit gave me a wonderful idea! Why not give the snood a southwestern/Mexican flare? I added my yellow bakelite earrings and a braclet and viola! It's Fiesta Time!

Then I remembered, Perry has maracas. What a fun extra prop.

Now the hard part -- finding a place in the middle of German Kenosha, Wisconsin to shoot a Mexican themed shoot. In Phoenix, I would have no problem, but now I was strapped.  Perry and I decided to bike around and hopefully find something. I was thinking just a solid background to give the illusion of the fiesta, but nothing was just quite right. We found some lovely "nature" backgrounds, but the green either blended into the grass or the flowers were too noisy and the snood would get lost. Finally I looked around at my surroundings and saw a church with bright red doors! Perfect! Althought the building was gothic, it still gave a nice Catholic/Mexico feel. So there we shot. And probably the only time I will shoot at a church. It was a miracle I didn't burst into flames just stepping up to the door!! Perhaps if I had gone in, that would have been another story. Hah!

To my delight everything came together -- even the colors of the maracas matched perfectly! I couldn't be happier with these photos. I do believe these are my favourite of the photos I've done for Arthelia's Attic.

I would like to Thank Naomi Chambers again for being such a wonderful lady to work with!!!

Now go out there and get one of these sage green snoods! They are a nice change from the typical red, black, and white. Not that those are bad, because they aren't. (I wear my red snood all the time!) It's just that variety is the spice of life!

All snoods are Handmade in the USA


  1. How much willpower do you think I have?! After two gorgeous posts on these snoods (and a failed attempt at making my own) I'm off to buy one right now!

  2. GORGEOUS! The red door is the perfect background!!

  3. WOW these photos are really gorgeous! The colors really pop, and I love the yellow skirt with the top. You did a great job!

  4. Miss Matilda... Thank you kindly, my Dear!

    BoPeep... Hooray!! You'll love them. I can see you now with your snood on out tending to the sheep.

    Rockabetty Vintage... Thanks! These snoods are a life saver when I don't want to do my hair or my hair doesn't want to do.

    BvV... I was so excited to see that. Perry didn't really care for the idea, but in the end I think it worked great!

    Lainie... Thank you. I was delighted with the way the skirt ended up blending nicely with the color scheme. I have a hard time with putting colors together. I just looked off and unbalanced in the mirror, but I am thrilled with the way they look together in the pictures!

  5. Love this snood!!!! I think I will order a red one for me...

  6. In that snood, you are a dead ringer for one of the Wilde Twins, blonde starlets at MGM in the 40's. Check out photos of them at Google Images.

  7. i would like to order tshe green one. how do i do it??

    1. I don't know if she still has that color available, but she may have one similar. Find her at