Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hometown Victory Girls BBQ

Last Saturday Perry and I found ourselves taking a 3 hour drive northwest to meet new friends. I was invited by the lovely BoPeep to join her and the other Hometown Victory Girls at a BBQ she was having at her house. I had met BoPeep online about a month ago and was excited to meet her and the other vintage lovers. Sadly the weather was more rain and drizzle than sunshine, but it was still a great time none the less.

Even though there were 3 cameras between Perry and I, neither of us thought to pull out our cameras and snap some pictures of the group and Bo's lovely homestead. Luckily before everyone said good-bye, Cyd thought to take a photo of the girls that were left.

Here is the photo. I am the AMAZON on the left. I'm not that tall either. I only stand at 5'6" and the heels may be 4", but still I feel like Godzilla and everyone else are the Japanese. LOL


  1. gorgeous! you look like a statuesque starlet, NOT godzilla!

  2. Beshaw, you are such a cutie pie no matter what :)

  3. Oh, did I forget to mention there was a maximum height limit for attendance? lol

  4. Thank you everyone!! I had a great time meeting everyone. They were all so beautiful and I can definitely see myself having fun with them!