Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear LUSH,

Dear LUSH,

You know I love you dearly. I really do. Today was no exception. The local LUSH is having a sale this weekend. 50$+ gets you a free goodie box. I knew I would have NO problem grabbing 50$ worth of treats, but I managed to keep my spending under control. So what I got is...

Aqua Marina - I am obsessed with the smell of this stuff. Normally I don't like oceanaic smells, but this one I adore. It was my first facial cleanser I got at LUSH and one of the best for me. I need to put it back into my rotation.

Turkish Delight - A new product that I thought I would try out. It smells nice. Not OMG! THIS IS THE YUMMIEST SMELL EVER, but a nice smell. I have been wanting to try out on of their smoothies, so I grabbed this one. I hope I like it. If not, that is ok too. I can just give the rest to my bitch.

Coolaulin - I am on the hunt for something for my hair now that I have fried the crud out of it. I need something nourishing and moisturizing. I want to try all their hair products before I settle on one that I really like.

13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt) - Not my fav smell in store as it smells too much like oregano, but in shower and afterwards, it isn't so bad. Plus it has helped a bit with the occational body acne that creeps up.

Sacred Truth - A anti aging mask that I thought I would try out. Now that I am getting older, I am looking it. I look like a blasted grannie sometimes, so I want to fit it all with all my might and this might help.

Supernova bath bomb - I don't really take baths, but I am finding myself addicted to the bombs now. Why, because when I wear my stinky shoes I am forced to do a foot soak. This helps so much with it and it is funn-er than just plain ol soap.

Hiney Bun bath bomb - Same reason as Supernova.

Free Gift: Katie's Box. What? That sounds dirty. Each employee put together a lkittle box of their 6 favourite products. Katies box includes...Smitten, Shave the planet, BIG, Veganese, Noubar, and the gold glitter bubble bar.

Samples - Paradise Regained, Imperialis, Creme Anglaise

For my Tayva - Sakura solid perfume, and Brazened Honey.

So you know I will be diving into these goods... You know the only thing I hate about going to Lush...? Having to wait until bedtime to use it!!!

The local LUSH is having a best facemask photo contest on Facebook. Here's my entry. Hehehe SQUEE!!!


  1. Bawhahahahaha!
    No no Mommy not the wire hanger!

    I hope you win!!!

    *crossing fingers*

  2. Haha it is so silly! I told the beau about the contest and he asked what the winner got. I told him just a bath bomb. He didn't get why that was it and why I would go through all that work for just a free bath bomb. Hahahah I had to explain it was just the local store and not the whole chain and that I did it because it was fun, not because I seriously wanted to win. Of course, it wouldn't hurt! Hehehe

  3. I love both Veganese and Coolaulin. Because I hardly use shampoo, I bought these conditioners as my shampoo. Both were quite good. Veganese really made my hair shiny, but Coolaulin tamed down the frizz. Your nappiness might want to try conditioner-washing only. My hair is actually cleaner this way.

    13 Soap, yeah, don't try this one on your face.

    I love you, bish!

  4. I think tonight I am going to use my sample of Big shampoo and follow it with coolaulin. I just need something intense for the fried spots.

    13 on my face is great! It is slightly better that Queen of Hearts! Between the two of those I have been looking better than ever! But tonight It will be aqua marina. I have Ultra bland on now to get the makeup off.

  5. How fun! I remember seeing the movie when I was younger...she always scared me!

    Good luck!

  6. Oh, I forgot...when will your website be up and running?

  7. hahaha omg! You're totally going to win!

  8. I am so jealous! I do not have a LUSH anywhere near me and I hate to buy online and then go through the hassle of returning if I don't like it.
    And I can not imagine you looking like an ol' granny-even if you become one!