Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you, "In the Mood"?

Tonight was the opening reception for the Phx Art Museums exhibit, "In the Mood". It is a wonderful collection of 1940's clothes. I am happy to say that Hollywood Regency had a few pieces in the collection on display.

Perry and I arrived dressed to the nines. I wore a 40's party dress on loan from Hollywood Regency as well as pearls, gloves, and shoes. The only thing that was mine was my underpinnings! :-D Perry was looking dapper in his dark navy suit. Sadly, he hates having his gorgeous self on camera so there are no pictures of him. I am starting to wonder if he is wanted by the law somewhere. Hahahaha. While we waited for Jenny to arrive, it was so wonderful to run into our friends from Matilda's Closet! Rose and Nikki were perfection. These two know how to work it! Doc, Jodey, and Max turned out to be a great surprise and we hung out with them until the lecture was to begin.

Dennita was the spokes lady and head mistress of the exhibit. She gave a wonderful lecture on the fashions of the 40's. It was nice to hear her make mention of Jenny and Heidi in reguards to contributing knowledge and pieces for the night. Jenny missed it, unfortunately. She was running late and they wouldn't let her in. :( We filled her in when we got out.

After the lecture, we mingled for a few and then made our way to the crowded exhibit. I want one of each please! No photos were allowed, so you'll have to get just a taste from the link I provided or if you are in the Phoenix area the exhibit runs through August.

So onto photos. Everytime I wanted to take someone's photo, someone else would come up and ask if they could take one of me and who I wanted to snap together. I really wasn't wanting to take photos with me in them, but you can't deny the public... although after seeing photos I wish I had! LOL. Why didn't anyone tell me I looked like crap?!

Enjoy the photos! No particular order.

Jenny and me. Jenny ended up not feeling well and had to leave shortly after this photo. Feel better.

Helen and me. Helen helped with the exhibit. She wore her Grandma's class ring. 1945!

Blurry crowd shot.

Doc n Jodey

Myself with a lady somehow connected to the event. I forgot her name. Barbara I believe. I had been admiring her outfit all night and was finally brave enough to ask to snap her photo.

Me and Nikki. I love how Nikki's head is perfectly framed by the art on the wall on the other side of the room. It was good to see her and play catch up!

Ashley and her friend Debbie. I met Ashley the day before. I sold her that velvet 40's dress. Her and I spent a good while chatting about fashion while we shopped around for her dress. She's a fun gal!

Bart and Friends Band


  1. Looks like it was a great evening! You look fabulous! :) x

  2. That party dress is just fabulous. Looks like a great evening.

  3. Oh, doll, you are just picture perfect (as always). Just stunning...

  4. You look gorgeous. I love your dress and your hair!

  5. TBE... Firstly, what a great name. Secondly, thank you. It was a great evening. Everyone looked smashing. I am so happy my beau accompanied me. He was divine!

    Glamour Daze... It really is!! I wish women dressed pretty at parties still. No one dresses pretty. All girls want to dress sexy now. Not that there is anything wrong with that as I do it myself too, but I'd like to see pretty again.

    BvV... Thanks, sweetheart. I should have gotten a more catalog style photo in that party dress, but my camera wasn't liking the lights in the museum and all the photos were turning out too dark and ickie. I am glad we got what we got though.

    Francy... Thank you very much. My hair was being a bit tempermental because I set it for a different style and decided last min I wanted something else. Hahahah.

    Naomi... Thank you! Unfortunately the photos do not reflect how I felt that night. Hah!

  6. haha - I seriously thought Nikki had a hat on, until I read that it is the art on the opposite wall!!!

  7. Ri... She does... Just the round part is the painting! Hah!