Monday, February 15, 2010

New patterns!

*squee*!! I wanted to share with you all the new patterns I got over the weekend. Now I need you dear Lollipops to help me choice which one I should make first! This reminds me... I still need to finish writing an entry on the jumper! Oops!

So darling Lollipops... which one should I do first??


  1. Wow! They look really great. I really like #8.

  2. Lots of pretties! I think the suit says "Lolita Haze" more than the others but the blouse is very you, too. The suit will be more work, so if you want instant gratification, skip it. If these were my patterns, either the Advance blouse or Vogue 7442 would be my first choice, depending on what my wardrobe needed.

  3. Ooh, the suit. No, the dress. No, the blouse. I don't know, they are all so gorgeous! Just make sure you post photos of them! xx

  4. What a lovely collection! The pant one-piece looks like fun...can't wait to see your creation!

  5. Do the suit!!!! You need the suit! And then let me copy it because I want one, too!
    I can already see what I'd do to alter that pattern, hehe.


  7. Syd... Thanks! I am just hoping they look half as good as the art when I finish!

    Marie Anne... I think 8 is going to be #4 in my que... First Perry's western shirt, then a blouse, then the suit, and then that dress! I got a lot of sewing to do!

    Andrea... That suit is awfully nice! One of the best pieces I made was that plaid suit I used to have. Unfortunately my dumb ass didn't wash the fabric before I made it... and it shrunk. Boo!! So I think the suit is one of the first in line!!

    Stefanie... I think this is the best luck I have had finding a lot of patterns and they were affordable too! Once I am done with Perry's shirt I am going to do a blouse and then the suit I think!

    Karen... I think I am going to turn that pant one piece into a 2 piece with the pants being a possible overall for gardening. I saw some in a 1940's catalog I have that match it almost to a t!

    Tayva... Once I get Perry's shirt done, I have the perfect blouse material for one of the blouses, so I will do that and THEN I think I'll do the suit! Hehehe this time I will pre wash the fabric so it doesn't shrink when I wash it! Hah!

    Amy_Jeanne... As I was flipping through the patterns I was like, 'Amy Jeanne is going to love these!' I knew those two would be your favs! I also thought you would love #6.

  8. Ooooh those are all fantastic!!