Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rat City Rukkus Car Show 2016

Yesterday I was joined by my friend, SpiderElla and we made our way over to the annual Rat City Rukkus car show. The wind was out of control for the first half of the day and brought with it a chilly breeze. I, as usual, did not dress for the day and was chilly for most of the day.

We met up with a couple of SpiderElla's friends who were working a booth and spent a lot of time hanging with them. Sadly, I didn't really get any pictures of the cars as we were having too much fun chatting away.

We were able to make a loop through the car show and take a look at the amazing rods. The parking lot was full of hot rods, rat rods, and bikes. Listened to some rockin' bands and watched the pinup contest. Met the guys from Vegas Rat Rods on Discovery. I totally wanted to bang flirt with Steve Darnell from the show, but he had no interest in me, so I guess I'll have to go back to stalking fangirling lusting admiring Seth MacFarlane. We even spotted Pee Wee riding around on his bike! Ha ha!

Here are the small amount of photos from the day! Enjoy!

I know you are, but what am I?
Me with Steve Darnell, Joyce, & Julian Nelson
Trying the hootchie post by the Welder Up car... yeeeaaahhhh... :-/

Me with Jennifer, Joyce, & SpiderElla

Saying Good-bye...

Sunglasses - Hottie World
Blouse - Made by me from altered 1940's pattern
Shorts - Made by me from 1940's pattern
Jelly Shoes - Dreamed by Mel (company of Melissa)
Purse - Vintage Whiting & Davis from Ebay
Lipstick - 714 from Gwen Stefani/Urban Decay Collection


  1. Oh it looks like so much fun! Your outfit is super cute and cozy looking.

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. It was fun! I'll be posting more car show blogs coming up as SpiderElla and I are going to try to make as many car shows as we possibly can! With all the wind that day, I am so happy that I chose to wear shorts and not a skirt!