Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lost in the 50's Spring Car Show 2016!

What's up, DudeBros!

I absolutely love car show season! Taking a look at everyone's cars that they put so much pride and work into makes me happy. Taking pictures of these cars makes me happy. Seeing the people just enjoying a casual outing makes me happy. It all just makes me happy!

I almost didn't make it to this show today! My friend, whom I was originally supposed to attend with, had a friend visiting and had to cancel. Luckily for me, my pal, Ricardo Montalbum likes muscle cars and enjoys car shows as well!

We arrived later than I had hoped -- but caught the very tail end of the pinup show when the winners were announced. I'm friends with the judges, Darby Fox and Sarah Vamp so I chatted with them after the contest for a bit and Darby introduced me to the winner, Ronnie von Sweets. I also ran into some other pinup pals of mine, Dee Dee Cupcake, Sydney Sparkles (The Aussie Plus Size Barbie), & Synthia Sterling. I even ran into a gal that recognized me from The Fedora Lounge! Hah! Can you believe that?!

Sarah Vamp, Lolita Haze, & Darby Fox
Lolita Haze, Sydney Sparkles, & Dee Dee Cupcake
Lolita Haze & Liz (from the Fedora Lounge days)
Ricardo and I were only there for a couple of hours but we had a lot of fun! Took some pictures which makes me want a real camera more than ever as my camera phone doesn't quite cut it when it comes to the artistic direction of car photos. Not to mention, I can't see the screen when it's so bright out, so my car photos aren't even composed nicely.

We listened a bit to King vs Cash before heading out as the sun had drained me of my energy.

I am including a photo I took of my hair after I returned home as the sun wasn't as bright and my hair wasn't being blown out in the photos.

Skirt and bolero - Made by me using 1940's sewing patterns for inspiration
Sun top - Made by me from a 1940's sewing pattern
Flower - Arthelia's Attic
Purse - Ebay
Vintage Austrian Crystal rhinestoned flowers in frosted blue celluloid earrings - Thrifted (Kenosha, WI)
Lipstick - 714 Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Collection
Vintage 1940's light brown suede peptone slingback heels - Gifted from the Canadian Burrito Ballerina, Maia.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am really wanting a decent camera so I can get better pictures of the cars!!

  2. Oh those cars are amazing. There's an upcoming car show sort of close to me, but thanks to school, I can't make it.

    You look stunning as always, I love your outfit! <3

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. Awww That's too bad you have to miss it, but since it is for school -- that is a good excuse! :-D

      Thank you so much! I am getting ready to post about yet another car show I went to! Hah!