Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tooled Talent

I am so very fortunate to have such sweet, amazing, and talented friends! Two of which are a husband and wife team I met online and then in person when I moved to back to Wisconsin way back when... I am always astonished by the creations these two create individually! Many followers know the sewing talents of BoPeep of The Willow Homestead, but did you know her husband Hank is just as talented? 

I (not so) recently discovered that Hank took up leather tooling... as a hobby... and has created some gorgeous leather creations, mostly for his wife. Lucky lady!! His talent with belt making caught my eye and being that I have wanted a tooled belt for myself, I asked if he would make for me with my name across the back. He graciously said yes!

He asked me what kind of design I wanted on the belt. I left it up to his creative talents for the design. Imagine my surprise when he went a step further and created a very special belt buckle that was so amazing I squealed a bit when I saw it!!

Today I finally received my belt (my fault for the delay -- I'm a forgetful doo doo head) in the mail and I couldn't be happier! The belt fits like a dream and the rhinestones were a great surprise! I cannot thank Hank enough for his talents and care with this belt!! Which I need to do! I am off to thank Hank so you take a look at the belt! Tell me that buckle isn't perfect for my fanny!



  1. I don't even have anything with rhinestones!! hahaha! And now my children enjoy saying, neked, followed by lots of giggling.

    1. I'm sure you can change that 00 with a wink and a smile. Funny thing... I run around giggling when I'm nek'd!