Monday, September 7, 2015

Nelson's Landing with Miranda Photography

Not too long ago I got to spend the morning out at Nelson's Landing with Miranda Photography shooting some pictures. It was my first shoot with John and my first outing to the "ghost town".

John was a great pleasure to work with and was quite wonderful in making sure I was safe and ok at all times. Walking around in dirt and rocks in vintage heels was probably not the best idea. We even talked about making sure I bring a change of shoes next time so that I could walk with ease from shot to shot.

Nelson's Landing is a great place for sets and textures to shoot at. If you are looking for rustic aged backgrounds for your photos this place is a must! There is a photography fee to shoot at this place, but that goes to the up keep of this quaint little oasis in the desert. There are buildings and cars and other great props that you can pose with and enjoy.

For this shoot I had made a 2 piece outfit from the vintage 1940's McCall 5650 pattern. While the pattern originally features a play suit with button up over skirt, I decided to keep the top and shorts of the play suit separate as I thought all that tiny blue gingham would have been just too much. I ran out of time to make the shorts out of a matching solid, but I will eventually get to doing that. I had forgotten to lengthen the bodice for my preying mantas body, so with a deadline fast approaching, I had to alter that bodice a bit to make it work in time. Speaking of the deadline... I thought I could knock this outfit out in about 5 hours. I started at 11am on Friday, didn't finish until 5am Saturday!! Did I mention I had to get up at 7:30a, to be picked up by 8:00am for the shoot? Oy!!  I also ran out of time to add the pocket and ruffled edge.

When it comes to the pocket, I am undecided if I want to add it now that the skirt is complete. I wanted to do a little something different instead of just the matching gingham and was thinking about adding a matching solid with some sort of western motif. However, I could not decide on a simple motif that would work well. Should I do a wagon wheel? A sombrero? A coyote? Ooh... a coyote with cactus. I think you just helped me figure it out!

Since I was so backed up with prepping because sewing took a lot longer than I had anticipated, I was unable to set my hair properly and had to work with what I had. Not sure if it was the wind or the humidity from the nearby river, but something made my hair constantly blow up and because of that I have huge hair in these pictures. Hahahaha I suppose that is alright.

Over all the experience was a delight and I can't wait to both work with Miranda Photography and go back to Nelson's Landing!!

Please enjoy the photos and if you are a model in Las Vegas, please give John a ring to shoot!

Outfit details:
Dress: 2 piece blue gingham dress - made by me from 1940's McCall 5650
Earrings: White button style clip ons - thrifted
Bracelets: Bakelite - purchased at School Days Antique Mall in Sturtevant, Wis
Belt: Leather tooled Lolita belt with "Get Nek'd" belt buckle - purchased from Shimstock
Heels: Navy sling back peep toes - etsy or ebay purchase


  1. What a great location! My favorite is the head and shoulders with the delivery truck in the back. I like the big (although it's really not that big), fly-away hair.

    1. It was such a neat little outing. I definitely see myself going back there in the future. I love my glowing hair in that picture!

  2. Fabulously fun shoot! I adore the colours at work in both your charming outfit and these great photos themselves.

    ♥ Jessica