Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Delights

Yesterday, I took advantage of a day off and some Hedy Lamarr inspired waves with center part, and set up my camera in a cozy little corner of the backyard of the complex I live in. This is the only area of the back that has the necessary even shade to prevent both shadows and blowout when taking pictures.

I set up my camera and played with the settings a bit and set the timer multiple times hoping to capture some images to post. Let me tell you, self portraits are not that easy!! I do not know how these fantastic bloggers do it on a daily basis!

However, due to a schedule change, I may have a little more free time to find out just how you bloggers do this on a daily basis!

I do miss the creative process involved with photos and blog postings. I shall try to make a better effort at sharing with you the city of Las Vegas and vintage fashion.

In the meantime... here are a couple of shots I was able to get.

Outfit Details:
Blouse - Vintage 70s/80s I *think* I got it at an estate sale or my best friend gave it to me.
Skirt - Me Made from a vintage 1940s pattern with modified waistband.
Flower - Swag Bag goodie from the Miss Symco Pageant that I hosted in 2012. I wish I knew who the maker was.


  1. Lovely photos and your outfit is great. Xx

    1. Thank you, so much! It's fun getting back into blogging. I only hope I have more substantial material to write about!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's a great and lovely change from the normal Bombshell or Victory Rolls.