Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lemon Zest

Yesterday I had some errands to run. After wearing perm rods in my hair all day the day before and sleeping with them in overnight, I was quite happy to take them out! After brushing out my hair and realizing my hair did not set in the way I wanted, I brushed it through as much as I could and made it somewhat presentable. I highly doubted that the people taking my money for my bills really cared how my hair looked. I was wrong! More on that in a minute.

Before the rain and humidity blew my hair up.

I wore one of my favourite summer playsuits! Perfect for riding my bike around town giving away all my money doing my errands. I made the playsuit from a vintage 1940s pattern. The polka dot sun top underneath is homemade from the 1970s. It doesn't fit me properly alone, but provides the coverage I need under this playsuit! 

The day started out hot and sunny. So by time I biked to my first stop, I was dripping sweat. I was happy for my sunscreen, but afraid it wasn't go to do much good for very much longer. By time I reached my 3rd destination on bike, the dark clouds started to roll in and the wind was picking up. With the impending rain looming overhead, both the counter gals at destinations 3 and 4 were actually concerned about the rain coming down and ruining my hair. I was both surprised and flattered.

While I didn't get caught in a downpour... I did get hit with a few sprinkles of rain and an up kick of wind. By time I got home after destination 6, my hair had dropped and fluffed out. Thank you humidity.

I thought I would put some comparative side by side photos of how my hair started out today and how it ended up yesterday. Thanks to my hair becoming HP Fluff and Puff, I added a hair flower to disguise the kinked ridge in my hair from the set last night. It was fine earlier when brushed back, but now... there is no fighting it. Obviously I had some time on my hands so I decided to make this second shoot a little bit more professional versus just using my camera phone for the earlier shots.

Outfit Details:

Playsuit - Made by me from a 1940s sewing pattern.

Sun top - Homemade from the 1970s
Flower - Swag Bag goodie from the Miss Symco Pageant that I hosted in 2012.
Lipstick - Besame Red Hot Red


  1. It looks so good fluffed out! Very authentic and carefree. That playsuit you made is adorable. You're a lemon chiffon pie!

    1. Thank you!! My hair really does love being BIG!! Even when I am not trying for that! :)

      Mmmm... Lemon Chiffon pie sounds delicious now!